Annual Meeting of the Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology

You are invited to participate in the 62nd Annual Meeting of the Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology to be held Aug. 12-16, 2012, in Washington, DC.
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Enzyme for biomass treatment
Convener: Debbie Yaver, Novozymes

Chemo-enzymatic approaches for product synthesis (hybrid)
Convener: Sylvie Garneau-Tsodikova, Univ. of Michigan
•Employing polyketide synthase enzymes as biocatalysts to generate chiral building blocks
Adrian Keatinge-Clay, The University of Texas at Austin
•Chemoenzymatic synthesis of bioengineered heparin
Robert J. Linhardt, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
•Chemoenzymatic synthesis of homogeneous ultra-low molecular weight heparins
Jian Liu, University of North Carolina
•Mass spectrometry characterization for chemoenzymatic glycoprotein synthesis
John E. Schiel, National Institute of Standards and Technology
•Using small molecule probes to study the functional and structural interaction of adenylation and carrier protein domains in nonribosomal peptide synthetases
Courtney Aldrich, University of Minnesota
•Adenylation domains in formation of novel nonribosomal peptides
Sylvie Garneau-Tsodikova, University of Michigan

Halogenases and dehalogenases
Convener: Alfred Spormann, Stanford

Enzyme engineering and directed evolution
Convener: Nobuhiko Tokuriki, University of British Columbia

Whole cell biocatalysis
Convener: Pat Cirino, University of Houston

Environmental Microbiology

Zero waste technologies for Biofuels Production
Convener: Rajesh Sani, South Dakota School of M&T

Environmental Metagenomics
Convener: Terry Hazen, University of Tennessee

Advances in microbial fuel cells
Convener: Enrico Marsili, Dublin City University
Dr. Douglas Call,, Penn State University
Dr. Sarah M. Strycharz-Glaven, Naval Research Laboratory
Dr. Claudio Adolfo Avignone Rossa, University of Surrey
Dr. Haluk Beyenal, Washington State University
Prof. John Greenman, University of the West of England
Dr. Enrico Marsili, Dublin City University

Bioremediation and biodegradation
Convener: Melanie Mormile, Missouri M&T

Biohydrogen production
Convener: Melanie Mormile, Missouri M&T

Fermentation and Cell Culture

Cell Culture: CHO to stem cells
Convener: Tiffany Rau, Pall Life Sciences

Challenges in solid state fermentation
Convener: Yahya Kargalioglu, Altria

Evolution, adaptation, mutation and selection in fermention
Convener: Helia Radianingtyas

Fermentation of unrefined feedstocks
Convener: David Hogsett, Mascoma

Fermentation media design: Composition and feeding strategies
Convener: Noel Fong, Cibus
•Characterization of Raw Material Influences on an E. coli Fermentation Process for the Production of Therapeutic Proteins
Hedieh Barkhordarian, Amgen
•Improvement of Biotransformation and Natural Product Yields by Medium and Process Optimization
Thomas P. Tully, Bristol-Myers Squibb
•Practical Considerations for Media and Feed Development for Therapeutic Protein Production
Mark Berge, MedImmune
•Improving Fermentation Culture Performance with Automated Online Sampling and Feed Control
William “Will” Miller, Flownamics, Inc.
•Consistent bioprocess development in scaled-down fed-batch cultivation systems: combining suitable hardware and software approaches
Dr.-Ing. Stefan Junne, Technische Universität Berlin
•FeedBeads: One way to enhance the reproducibility of pre-cultures in shake flasks
NN (1), Robert Huber (2), Jochen Büchs (2), Tibor Anderlei (1) Adolf Kühner AG

Metabolic Engineering

Bulk/Commodity Biochemicals from Renewable Resources
Convener: Janice Pero, Myriant Corporationtba
Stephen Van Dien, Genomatica, Inc.
•Metabolic Engineering of recombinant E. coli for the commercial production of 3-hydroxypropionate
Micheal Lynch, OPXBIO
•Production of adipic acid
Stephen Picataggio, Verdezyne, Inc.
•Biochemicals development at Novozymes: Technical and commercial aspects
Alan Berry, Ph.D, Novozymes, Inc.
•Decoding the evolution of succinic acid producers
TBA, Myriant Corporation

Specialty Chemicals/Materials from Renewable Resources
Convener: Kristala Prather, MIT
Louis Hom, LS9, Inc.

Ajikumar Parayil, Manus Biosynthesis
Pamela Sharpe, DuPont
Leonard Katz, UC-Berkeley/Synthetic Biology Engineering Research Center
Brian Pfleger, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Kristala Prather, MIT

Metabolic Engineering for Advanced Biofuels (I)
Convener: Brian Pfleger, University of Wisconsin
•Engineering Microbial Biofuel Tolerance and Export Using Efflux Pumps
Mary Dunlop, University of Vermont
•Application of directed evolution of xylose transport and catabolism in yeast
Hal Alper, The University of Texas at Austin
•Conversion of protein into biochemicals by engineering nitrogen flux
Dave Wernick, UCLA
•Directed Evolution of a Highly Efficient Yeast Strain for Cellulosic Ethanol Production
Huimin Zhao, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Swapnil R. Chhabra, Joint Bioenergy Institute
Brian F. Pfleger, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Metabolic Engineering for Advanced Biofuels (II)
Convener: TBA

Metabolic Engineering of Extremophiles or organisms with less developed genetic systems
Convener: Jan Westpheling, University of Georgia

Natural Products

Convener: Don Hahn, Dow AgroSciences

Natural product biosynthesis, structure, and function
Convener: Doug Mitchell, University of Illinois

Natural products from unusual sources
Convener: David Newman, National Cancer Institute
Cedric Pearce, Mycosynthetix
Jason Crawford, Harvard
Marcy Balunas, U. Connecticut
Josep Prous, Prous Research
Karina Zuck, NIH

Bioengineering in drug discovery
Convener: Huimin Zhao, University of Illinois

Novel enzyme mechanisms in biosynthesis and secondary metabolism
Convener: Satish Nair, University of Illinois
Yi Tang, UCLA
Sheryl Tsai, UC-Irvine
Wendy Kelly, Georgia Tech
Satish Nair, U. Illinois

Special Topics

Next generation DNA sequencing technologies and applications
Convener: Jon Armstrong, Cofactor Genomics
Jarret Glasscock, PhD, Cofactor Genomics
Michael Guarnieri, PhD, National Bioenergy Center, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Keith Robison, Warp Drive Bio

Computational, omics, and systems biology approaches to fermentation
Convener: Anthony Burgard, Genomatica

Synthetic biology tools and applications
Convener: Chris Voigt, MIT
•Synthetic control of transcription: from hybrid promoters to promoter engineering to synthetic operon design
Hal Alper
•Specification, Design, and Assembly Automation Workflows in Synthetic Biology
Douglas Densmore
•Molecular programming with a cell-free transcription-translation system: elementary gene circuits and phage synthesis in a test tube
Vincent Noireaux
•Genetic Design, Synthesis and Assembly Tools for Synthetic Biology Engineering
Todd Peterson
•Extracting Knowledge During Pathway Optimization: Quantitative Expression-Flux Mapping and Optimal Criteria
Howard Salis

Regulation of microbial gene expression by RNA and its potential for practical applications
Convener: Shelley Copley, University of Colorado

Women in industrial microbiology
Convener: Joan Bennett, Rutgers
Debra Chadick, SIMB Elections Chair and SIMB News Features Editor
Linda Lasure, Lasure and Associates, former SIMB president
Joan W. Bennett, Rutgers Univ., former SIMB president
Carol Baker, Pfizer

2 Feb - 2 Feb 2012

United States of America
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