Santa Cruz developmental biology meeting

Since 1992, the SCDB has been one of the premier meetings in Developmental Biology. The 20th anniversary meeting continues its emphasis on innovative developmental biology, focusing on questions of: morphogenesis, cell polarity, evo-devo, development and disease, patterning, neurogenesis, regeneration and stem cells. The meeting will be held on the beautiful, sunny UC Santa Cruz campus and is designed to foster interactions among scientists from labs around the world, from beginning students to leaders in the field.

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Past, Present and Future of Developmental Biology

Marty Chalfie, Columbia University
Lee Niswander, HHMI, University of Colorado, Denver
Eric Betzig, HHMI, Janelia Farm
SCDB Young Investigator Award speaker (grad student/postdoc/young faculty, to be selected from the abstracts)


Jen Zallen, HHMI, Sloan Kettering Institute
Steve Rogers, UNC Chapel Hill
Lance Davidson, University of Pittsburgh
Dan Kiehart, Duke University

Cell Polarity

Brian Mitchell, Northwestern University
Asako Sugimoto, Tohoku University
Jeremy Nance, NYU Skirball Institute
Laurie Smith, UCSD


Mark Martindale, University of Hawaii
Michael Akam, Cambridge University
VerĂ³nica Di Stilio, University of Washington
Michael Travisano, University of Minnesota

Development and Disease

Anne Brunet, Stanford University
Leanne Jones, Salk Institute
Rebecca Burdine, Princeton University
Roel Nusse, HHMI, Stanford University

Neurogenesis and Patterning

Alvaro Sagasti, UCLA
Megan Williams, University of Utah
Elke Stein, Yale University
Su Guo, UCSF

Regeneration and Stem Cells

Peter Reddien, HHMI, MIT Whitehead Institute
Amy Ralston, UC Santa Cruz
Jane Hubbard, NYU Skirball Institute
Tom Rando, Stanford University

8 Aug - 11 Aug 2012

Santa Cruz
United States of America
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