Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology

The Organizing Committee invites you to attend the Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology Meeting. It is the premier meeting for students, postdoctoral fellows, research staff, and principal investigators studying various aspects of eukaryotic biology in yeast. You can help shape the content of the meeting by submitting an abstract. Princeton University will be the host for the meeting in 2012.

The conference will open on Tuesday evening, July 31 with an plenary session from 7:00 pm to 8:15 pm. Angelika Amon, MIT will then be presented with the Ira Herskowitz Award and will give a lecture from 8:15 pm to 9:00 pm. An Opening Mixer social will follow the presentation in the McCarter Theater foyer from 9:00 pm until 11:00 pm. The meeting will end on Sunday, August 5 at 12:00 noon.
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The Conference Organizers are:

Mark Rose (chair)

Princeton University

Trisha Davis (co-chair)

University of Washington, Seattle

Program Committee:

Karen Arndt

University of Pittsburgh

Gary Bader

University of Toronto, Canada

Yves Barral

ETH Zurich

Shelley Berger

University of Pennsylvania

Sue Biggins

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Anders Blomberg

University of Gothenburg

Jef Boeke

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Charlie Boone

University of Toronto, Canada

David Botstein

Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics

Jim Broach

Princeton University

Fred Chang

Columbia Medical Center

Liz Conibear

University of British Columbia

Maitreya Dunham

University of Washington, Seattle

Phil Hieter

University of British Columbia

Tim Hughes

University of Toronto

Karl Kuchler

Medical University of Vienna

Leonid Kruglyak

Princeton University

Mike Lichten

Laboratory of Biochemistry

Vicki Lundblad

The Salk Institute for Biological Sciences

David Lydall

Newcastle University

Yoshikazu Ohya

University of Tokyo

Dave Toczyski

University of California, San Francisco

Olga Troyanskaya

Princeton University

Eric Weiss

Northwestern University

31 Jul - 5 Aug 2012

United States of America
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