Ribosome synthesis

Ribosomes are multi-component ribonucleoprotein particles responsible for protein synthesis. The biogenesis of ribosomes is highly organized and controlled. Generally, this process requires multiple steps and factors. Moreover, altered synthesis of ribosomal subunits is linked to changes cell growth, pathogenesis and disease.
Session Topics will include:

prokaryotic and eukaryotic ribosome assembly
rRNA transcription and processing
ribophagy and quality control
snoRNPs and modifications
trans-acting assembly factors
ribosome synthesis and growth regulation
ribosome biogenesis and disease

+ show speakers and program
Dr. Marat Yusupov
(EMBO Lecture)

"From crystallization of bacterial ribosome to structure determination of eukaryotic ribosome"

Dr. Jeff Lipton

"The Ribosomopathies: When Bad Ribosomes Happen to Good People"

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Speakers at Meeting

Susan Baserga
Edouard Bertrand
Eric Brown
Carl Correll
Murray Deutscher
Jonathan Dinman
Marc Dreyfus
Sherif AbouElela
Phil Farabaugh
Jason Farrar
Susan Gerbi

Pierre-Emmanuel Gleizes
Rick Gourse
Claudio Gualerzi
Katrin Karbstein
Joanna Kufel
Ulrike Kutay
Lasse Lindahl
Janine Maddock
Tom Meier
Stefan Mueller
Knud Nierhaus

Harry Noller
Joaquin Ortega
Dmitri Pestov
Jason Rife
Davide Ruggero
David Tollervey
Herbert Tschochner
Alan Warren
Nick Watkins
John Woolford
Joost Zomerdijk

22 Aug - 26 Aug 2012

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