Neuromodulatory Mechanisms

Neuromodulatory mechanisms play an important role in allowing the nervous system to adapt to changes in context or behavioral state, and dysregulation of these mechanisms contributes to nervous system disorders. In recent years there has been renewed attention to the role of diverse modulatory systems in the flexible regulation of synapses and dynamic tuning of circuits. The focus of this meeting will be on presenting the latest findings related to neuromodulatory mechanisms and their role in nervous system function and disease. The meeting will cover new concepts and cutting-edge technologies, with a selection of topics that highlight multidisciplinary approaches including cell biology, biochemistry and molecular biology, physiology, genetics, and behavioral analyses.

Topics covered at the symposium will include:

modulatory mechansism involving neuropeptides, growth factors, and hormones
modulatory neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin and acetylcholine and their roles in tuning neural circuits
neuromodulation of synaptic function
neuromodulation and behavioral state changes
contribution of neuromodulatory mechanisms to innate behavior and cognitive functions
contribution of neuromodulatory mechanisms to disorders of the nervous system
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10 Oct - 12 Oct 2012
New Orleans
United States of America
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