Antibody Engineering and Antibody Therapeutics

Antibody Engineering

Antibodies in a Complex Environment: Antibodies Targeting to Directly Affect Cellular Processes and Structures
Antibody Patent Update: The Cabilly III Patent, New PTO Process and Recent Changes to U.S. Patent Law
Antibody Quality in the Research Environment
Deep Sequencing of Natural Antibodies and of Library Selections
Engineering Antibodies for Targeted Therapy in the Nervous System and as Bispecifics that Traverse the Blood Brain Barrier for CNS Disease
Engineering Receptor Agonism and Antagonism
Evaluation of Antibodies in Animal Models
New Targets for Antibody-Based Cancer Therapy
Systematic Validation of Novel Antibody Targets
Systems Biology Approaches to Characterizing B Cells and the B Cell Response
Antibody Therapeutics

Case Studies of Late Stage Clinical Development
Clinical Status and Regulatory Aspects of Biosimilar and Biobetter Antibodies
Clinical Status of Bispecific Antibodies and Antibody Combinations
Clinical Updates of Antibody Drug Conjugates
Development Status of Early-stage Therapeutic Antibodies
Therapeutic Antibodies as Immune System Modulators
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2 Dec - 6 Dec 2012

San Diego
United States of America
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