International conference on advances in Plant Sciences

The main objective of the International Conference on Advances in Plant Sciences (ICAPS) is to showcase advances in botanical research and conservation of plants across the globe. There is an unprecedented development in every field of plant science in recent years because of rapid progress made in the areas of molecular biology in general and genomics and proteomics in particular. The skills and knowledge of botanist's are needed worldwide helping farmers to produce crops and conservation of natural flora and fauna.

Biodiversity among Monera (Bacteria & Cynobacteria), cytology, reproduction, biological nitrogen fixation, economic importance and bio-fertilizers.
Microbiology, mycology, plant pathology & Integrated plant disease management.
Biodiversity among cryptogams (Algae & Bryophytes), mode of reproduction, economic importance & their conservation.
Biodiversity among vascular cryptogams (Pteridophytes), fossil cryptogams, reproduction and conservation.
Biodiversity among Gymnosperms, their distribution, diversity, economic importance & conservation, Paleobotany and fossil fuel.
Biodiversity among angiosperms, taxonomy, bio-systematics, floristics and biodiversity, Botanical gardens, Arboretum, systematics of endangered and threatened plants.
Plant morphology, anatomy, embryology, Reproductive biology (floral biology, pollen-pistil interaction, pollination & post – fertilization events).
Economic botany, ethno-botany, traditional herbal medicinal plants, Pharmacognosy.
Cell & Molecular biology, cytogenetics and Plant breeding.
Plant biotechnology, plant morphogenesis, tissue culture, bi-informatics.
Plant physiology & Biochemistry.
Ecology, climate change, plant adaptation, landscape ecology, weed management, agro-biodiversity and conservation of wild relatives of crops.
Bio-fuel and Horticultural crops.
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14 Nov - 18 Nov 2012
Chiang Mai
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