Biodiversity and Society

Biodiversity is key area of research and teaching at the Georg-August University of Göttingen. Within the PhD programme Biodiversity and Society, doctoral students have been researching in the fields of natural and social sciences since April 2010, focussing on current and interdisciplinary topics concerning biodiversity.

In organising this conference, the students of the PhD programme hope to offer a forum for discussion of societal issues and potential solutions regarding the protection and use of biological diversity. Research in this area will be presented not only by the students themselves, but in addition renowned national and international scientists will broaden and enrich the event. Through interdisciplinary reflection on scientific understanding, the conference offers participants an opportunity to develop their knowledge in biodiversity research and build contacts within the field.

The goal the conference is to energise the current debate in this field, highlighting the societal relevance of biodiversity research.

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Keynote Speaker:

Prof. em. Dr. Ulrich Hampicke

PD Dr. Thomas Potthast

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Brand

14 Nov - 16 Nov 2012

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