Murnau Conference on Structural Biology of Molecular Transport

During three days in October established leaders of the field and younger scientists will come together to discuss important aspects of the wide field of "Molecular Transport" in a relaxed atmosphere. Besides lectures given by invited speakers, there is ample room for additional oral presentations and posters. An exhibition of support from industry will complement the meeting. A number of social events will allow for further discussions.
+ show speakers and program
Marc Baldus (Utrecht)
Tamir Gonen (Seattle)
Reinhard Jahn (Göttingen)
Hartmut Michel (Frankfurt)
You Min Chook (Dallas)
Poul Nissen (Arhus)
Tom Pollard (New Haven)
Tom Rapoport (Harvard)
Jim Rothman (Yale)
Mike Rosen (Dallas)
Helen Saibil (London)
Irmi Sinning (Heidelberg)
Daniela Stock (Darlinghurst)
Gerhard Wagner (Harvard)

17 Oct - 20 Oct 2012

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