Annual Meeting of the German Biophysical Society

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Mechanisms and dynamics of single molecule translocation processes through nanopores with optical tweezers
Prof. Dr. Dario Anselmetti (Bielefeld/DE)

Advanced EPR spectroscopy for structural and functional studies of biomolecules
Prof. Dr. Marina Bennati (Göttingen/DE)

Metal centers in protein: challenge for EPR Spectroscopy
Prof. Dr. Robert Bittl (Berlin/DE)

Toward observing transition paths in protein folding from single molecule FRET
Prof. Dr. William A. Eaton (Bethesda/US)

Studying membrane heterogeneity with STED nanoscopy
Dr. Christian Eggeling (Göttingen/DE)

NMR as a quantitative tool to decipher protein behavior
Prof. Dr. Stephan Grzesiek (Basel/CH)

The evolutionary advantage of being round
Dr. Oskar Hallatschek (Goettingen/DE)

New perspectives for Channelrhodopsin-Activation and ion selectivity
Prof. Dr. Peter Hegemann (Berlin/DE)

Cell and tissue mechanics in zebrafish gastrulation
Dr. Carl-Philipp Heisenberg (Klosterneuburg/AT)

Water in proteins: when it's there and when it isn't
Dr. Gerhard Hummer (Bethesda/US)

Structural transitions of proteins and protein complexes- What can we learn from site-directed spin labeling EPR?
Prof. Dr. Gunnar Jeschke (Zurich/CH)

Prof. Dr. Thomas Kiefhaber (Munich/DE)

Physics of cytoskeletal organization
Prof. Dr. Gijsje Koenderink (Amsterdam/NL)

Single molecule methods and their involvement in the conflict between transcription factors at the promoter site
Prof. Dr. Don C. Lamb (Munich/DE)

Optical Nanoscopy with Novel Fluorescent Protein Markers
Prof. Dr. Gerd U. Nienhaus (Karlsruhe/DE)

High precision FRET to determine dynamic protein structures and dissect the corresponding interconversion pathways
Prof. Dr. Claus Seidel (Düsseldorf/DE)

Visualizing conformational dynamics of large macromolecular complexes by cryo-EM
Prof. Dr. Holger Stark (Göttingen/DE)

Should we care about lipid rafts in membrane fusion?
Prof. Dr. Lukas Tamm (Charlottesville/US)

Prof. Dr. Robert Tampé (Frankfurt a. M./DE)

Determination of the structure and dynamics of proteins using NMR chemical shifts
Prof. Dr. Michele Vendruscolo (Cambridge/UK)

Synthetic biology - smart cells and smart materials
Prof. Dr. Wilfried Weber (Freiburg i. Breisgau/DE)

Mechanistic insight into Ion Channel Function by Computional Electrophysiology
Dr. Ulrich Zachariae (Göttingen/DE)

23 Sep - 26 Sep 2012

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