Summer Schools in Applied Molecular Microbiology

Applications are warmly invited for the fourth summer school in the series. Like the second and third summer schools, it will be at the Inter-University Centre (IUC) in Dubrovnik, August 25 - September 2 2012. The title will be "Microbial Metabolites in Nature and Medicine".

These summer schools are intended primarily for scientists at post-graduate and early post-doctoral level, or early career industrial scientists, but some junior faculty may also qualify. They have established a reputation for the quality of the faculty and participants and the high degree of productive interaction during the week-long courses.

The context of the summer schools is to recognise the recent development of interest in microbial metabolites that has resulted from the sequencing of small molecule-producing microorganisms, coupled with the explosive development of sequencing technology, bioinformatics and chemical analysis. Ecological developments highlighting the wide range of roles for small molecules in microbial communities are also very significant. An important aim is to bring together a cadre of young scientists from diverse backgrounds, including molecular microbiology, chemistry, microbial ecology and bioinformatics, to share information that can lead to inter-disciplinary approaches to understanding and exploiting metabolite production. A particular urgency has been added to the search for novel antibiotics by the rapid rise in drug-resistance among pathogenic microorganisms and cancers. A special feature of the summer school will be hands-on computer workshops to annotate genomes and analyse natural product gene clusters.
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25 Aug - 2 Sep 2012
Croatia (Hrvatska)
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