Advanced Methods in Macromolecular Crystallization

The crystallization of biological macromolecules is still poorly understood and, as a consequence, success of the common trial-and-error experiments is not predictable. On the other hand, more rational approaches have been developed in the past few years and prospects for the science of crystallogenesis are in fact good. Many of the new approaches are based on an improved theoretical insight into the processes of nucleation and crystal growth.

E.coli - a factory for recombinant proteins
The road from protein expression and purification to protein crystallization
Protein as the main variable in crystallization
Nucleation of protein crystals
Morphology and crystal growth mechanisms
Preparation of protein samples for crystallization experiments
Additives in protein crystallization
Advanced light scattering methods
Conventional crystallization methods and their modifications
Crystallization under oil
Advanced crystallization techniques
Counter diffusion methods for protein crystallization and screening
Lipidic cubic phase crystallization
Microseeding with automatic systems
Nanocrystals for future application
Membrane protein crystallization
Interpretation of the crystallization drop results
Crystallization and crystallographic analysis in a microfluidic chip
Illuminating the screening process with fluorescence
Tips and tricks for protein crystal manipulation
Crystal mounting and freezing
Screening the diffraction quality of protein crystals
The growth of large crystals for neutron diffraction
Crystallogenesis methods for structural biology
Publishing your crystallization results
+ show speakers and program
Terese Bergfors, Uppsala, Sweden
Christian Betzel, Hamburg, Germany
Jiří Brynda, AS CR Prague, Czech Republic
Monika Budayová-Spano, Grenoble, France
Martin Caffrey, Dublin, Ireland
Naomi E. Chayen, London, UK
Karsten Dierks, Lüneburg, Germany
Howard Einspahr, New Jersey, USA
Juan Manuel Garciá-Ruiz, Granada, Spain
José A. Gavira, Granada, Spain
Richard Giegé, Strasbourg, France
Lata Govada & Sahir Khurshid, London, UK
Rolf Hilgenfeld, Lübeck, Germany
Lubomír Janda, Brno, CR
Ivana Kutá Smatanová, Nové Hrady, Czech Republic
Jeroen Mesters, Lübeck, Germany
Joe Ng, Huntsville, USA
Peter Nollert, Bainbridge Island WA, USA
Estela Pineda Molina, Granada, Spain
Marc L. Pusey, Huntsville, USA
Pavlína Řezáčová, Prague, Czech Republic
Claude Sauter, Strasbourg, France
Patrick Shaw Stewart, Douglas Instruments Ltd
Vernon Smith, Bruker AXS
Ľubica Urbániková, Bratislava, Slovakia
Peter G. Vekilov, Houston, TX, USA
Dirk Zajonc, San Diego, USA
Bernhard Rupp, Livermore, CA, USA

2 Feb - 2 Feb 2012

Nove Hrady
Czech Republic
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