Molecular and Cellular mechanisms in Angiogenesis

As a physiological process involving the formation of new blood vessels from existing vasculature, angiogenesis is a complex biological phenomenon, crucial during development and growth of complex organisms. The workshop will focus on molecular factors and multiple cellular elements, mainly inflammatory cells, involved in new vessel formation. Among the model systems of pathological angiogenesis, attention will be focused on cancer and ocular neovascularization. The latest advancements in therapeutic approaches to control neovascularization will be presented.

+ show speakers and program
Hellmut Augustin - Germany
Peter Carmeliet - Belgium
Lena Claesson-Welsh - Sweden
Lisa M. Coussens - USA
Elisabetta Dejana - Italy
Napoleone Ferrara - USA
Mauro Giacca - Italy
Maria Grant - USA
Doug Hanahan - CH

Antonia M. Joussen - Germany
Eli Keshet - Israel
Massimiliano Mazzone - Belgium
Luigi Naldini - Italy
Marco Presta - Italy
Christiana Ruhrberg - UK
Florian Sennlaub - France
David T. Shima - UK

14 Oct - 17 Oct 2012
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