From single molecules to system biology

t is both an honor and a pleasure for the Spanish Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (SEBBM) to organize the 22nd IUBMB & 37th FEBS Congress in 2012. The standards of modern Spain in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology are historically high. Attesting to this fact, the SEBBM is a very active organization encompassing 21 interest groups and more than 3,700 members. SEBBM, one of FEBS founder societies, has already organized two successful FEBS meetings (1969, Madrid, and 1996, Barcelona), and now for the very first time will host this very prestigious IUBMB-FEBS Congress in Seville.

Seville, in addition to being an ancient, extremely beautiful and welcoming city, is home to a very dynamic biochemical community. The city has several research centers that belong to the National Research Council (CSIC) and/or one of the two local Universities (University of Seville and University Pablo de Olavide). University of Seville, in particular, with 60,000 students and 3,800 teachers and professors, is the second largest Spanish public institution devoted to higher education. In 2005 this University commemorated its Fifth Centenary.

The theme of the 22nd IUBMB & 37th FEBS Congress is “From Single Molecules to Systems Biology”. Based on recent spectacular advances in the "-omic" disciplines and in information technology, multidisciplinarity and integration have become the key features of post-genomic and proteomic research. Genes, gene products, their regulatory networks and their interactions with their environment must be analyzed not only at the molecular level, but also as components of higher order structures, metabolic pathways or entire cells and organisms. This branch of research, termed “Systems Biology”, combines concepts from molecular biology, engineering sciences, mathematics and information technology in a holistic approach to complex biological systems such as living cells. Hence, close collaboration between biologists, biochemists, physiologists, chemists, physicists and mathematicians is essential in order to expand the molecular studies into the characterization and modeling of the complex interactions of genes, proteins and metabolic processes. Presently, biosciences are heading for another revolution: the in-silico simulation of complex life processes.

In line with these advances the 2012 IUBMB & FEBS Congress aims to promote an integrative and holistic approach in research on biological processes. Multidisciplinarity, interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity will thus be essential characteristics of this meeting.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee it is a pleasure to invite all our colleagues to attend the 2012 IUBMB & FEBS Congress at Seville. We hope that the Congress will be a great scientific success and an enjoyable experience for all participants.

We trust that it will also offer the opportunity for fruitful discussions, as well as the possibility to initiate new friendships, collaborations and joint projects.
+ show speakers and program
Helga Nowotny
European Research Council
Tim Hunt, Nobel Laureate
Hertfordshire, UK
Mathias Mann
Martinsried, Germany
PL03 Osamu Hayaishi
Ferid Murad, Nobel Laureate
Washington, DC, USA
PL04 Theodor Bucher
Christian Griesinger
Göttingen, Germany
PL05 Chester Beattie
Kazutoshi Mori
Kyoto, Japan
Carlos López-Otín
Oviedo, Spain
Sai-Juan Chen
Shanghai, China
PL08 FEBS Journals Awards
(to be named)
Magdalena Götz
Munich, Germany
PL10 FEBS/EMBO Women in Science Award
Susan Gasser
Basel, CH
Laudation by Erig Nigg. Basel, CH
PL11 Prakash S. Datta
Ada Yonath, Nobel Laureate
Rehovot, Israel
PL12 Severo Ochoa
Carlos Bustamante
San Francisco, CA, USA
Joan Massagué
New York, NY, USA
PL14 Edward C. Slater
Robert Huber, Nobel Laureate
Martinsried, Germany
PL15 Edward Wood
Bruce Alberts
San Francisco, CA, USA
PL16 Sir Hans Krebs
Venki Ramakrishnan, Nobel Laureate
Cambridge, UK
S01.1 Protein-Nucleic Acid Interactions (Wednesday, Sept 5)
Frederic H. Allain. Zurich, CH
Renée Schroeder. Vienna, AT
Alfredo Torres-Larios. México D.F, MX
Wei Yang. Bethesda, MD, US

S01.2 Protein Interactions and Networks (Thursday, Sept 6)
Patrick Aloy. Barcelona, ES
Rita Bernhardt. Saarbruken, DE
Natasa Przulj. London, UK
Marcellus Ubbink. Leiden, NL

S01.3 Membranes and Proteins (Friday, Sept 7)
Peter Hildebrandt. Berlin, DE
Uhtaek Oh. Seoul, KR
James E. Rothman. New Haven, CT, US
Manuela M. Pereira. Lisboa, PT

S01.4 Proteins Intrinsically Disordered (Saturday, Sept 8)
Jane Dyson. La Jolla, CA, US
Keith Dunker. Indianapolis, IN, US
Isabella Felli. Florence, IT
Monika Fuxreiter. Budapest, HU

S01.5 Engineering and Design (Sunday, Sept 9)
Dominique Bourgeois. Grenoble, FR
Jenny Martin. Brisbane, AU
Modesto Orozco. Barcelona, ES
Nuno Santos. Lisboa, PT

S02 Trends in Biochemistry

S02.1 Genome Dynamics (Wednesday, Sept 5)
Andrés Aguilera. Seville, ES
Zoi Lygerou. Patras, GR
Michele Ramsay. Johannesburg, ZA
(to be named)

S02.2 Transcription and Chromatin (Thursday, Sept 6)
Sebastián Chávez. Seville, ES
Mauro Giacca. Trieste, IT
Jane Mellor. Oxford, UK
Joanna Wysocka. Stanford, CA, US

S02.3 RNA Biogenesis and Processing (Friday, Sept 7)
Myriam Gorospe. Baltimore, MD, US
Marcelo López Lastra. Santiago, CL
Reinhard Lührmann. Göttingen, DE
Raúl Méndez. Barcelona, ES

S02.4 Autophagy and Protein Homeostasis (Saturday, Sept 8)
Claudio Hetz. Santiago, CL
Matthias Peter. Zurich, CH
Sandhya S. Visweswariah. Bangalore, IN
Jiarui Wu. Shanghai, CN

S02.5 Integrated Cell Structure and Function (Sunday, Sept 9)
Philippe Bastiaens. Dortmund, DE
Christina Mitchell. Clayton, AU
Howard Riezman. Geneva, CH
Claudio Sunkel. Porto, PT

S03 Beyond Biochemistry

S03.1 Ageing (Wednesday, Sept 5)
Maria Blasco. Madrid, ES
Matt Kaeberlein. Seattle, WA, US
David A. Sinclair. Boston, MA, US
(to be named)

S03.2 Global Regulation and Cell Reprogramming (Thursday, Sept 6)
Anamaria Camargo. São Paulo, BR
Mordechai Choder. Haifa, IL
Clyde A. Hutchison. La Jolla, CA, US
Kitai Kim. New York, NY, US

S03.3 Artificial Cells and Genomes (Friday, Sept 7)
Antoine Danchin. Evry, France
Daniel A. Hammer. Philadelphia, PA, US
Philipp Holliger. Cambridge, UK
Hamilton O. Smith. La Jolla, CA, US. Nobel Laureate

S03.4 Computing with Molecules and Cells (Saturday, Sept 8)
Martyn Amos. Manchester, UK
Alexander G. Gabibov. Moscow, RU
Ehud Shapiro. Rehovot, IL
Ricard Solé. Barcelona, ES

S03.5 Dealing with Errors and Evolution (Sunday, Sept 9)
Isabel Gordo. Porto, PT
Nicola Illing. Cape Town, ZA
David Posada. Vigo, ES
Eörs Szathmáry. Budapest, HU

S04 Molecular Bases of Diseases

S04.1 Neurodegenerative and Organ Degenerative Diseases (Wednesday, Sept 5)
Dario Alessi. Dundee, UK
Albena Jordanova. Antwerp, BE
Ángela Nieto. Alicante, ES
Maria João Saraiva. Porto, PT

S04.2 Inflammation and Diseases (Thursday, Sept 6)
Jacqueline Bromberg. New York, NY, US
Lisa Coussens. Portland, OR, US
Gabriel Rabinovich. Buenos Aires, AR
Francisco Sánchez Madrid. Madrid, ES

S04.3 Stem Cells and their Niches (Friday, Sept 7)
Eduard Batlle. Barcelona, ES
Leanne Jones. La Jolla, CA, US
Janet Rossant. Toronto, CA
Rune Toftgard. Stockholm, SE

S04.4 Cancer Genomics and Biomarkers (Saturday, Sept 8)
Oscar Fernández-Capetillo. Madrid, ES
Iqbal Parker. Cape Town, ZA
Kevin Ryan. Glasgow, UK
Raquel Seruca. Porto, PT

S04.5 Role of Hypoxia in Pathogenesis of Inflammation in Cancer (Sunday, Sept 9)
Eyal Gottlieb. Glasgow, UK
José López-Barneo. Seville, ES
Jacques Pouysssegur. Nice, FR
Idit Sachar. Rehovot, IL

S05 Environmental Biochemistry

S05.1 Oxidative Stress: Dealing with Oxygen (Wednesday, Sept 5)
Eva-Mari Aro. Turku, FI
Sue Goo Rhee. Seoul, KR
Alicia Juliana Kowaltowski. São Paulo, BR (Portuguese-Brazilian Lecture)
Tomris Özben. Antalya, TR

S05.2 Dealing with Osmotic Stress (Thursday, Sept 6)
Nestor Carrillo. Rosario, AR
Stefan Hohmann. Gothenburg, SE
Francesc Posas. Barcelona, ES
Haruo Saito. Tokyo, JP

S05.3 Life in Extreme Environments (In memoriam of Costas Drainas) (Friday, Sept 7)
Juan Luis Ramos. Granada, ES
Helena Santos. Oeiras, PT
Ronald S. Oremland. Menlo Park, CA, US
Rafael Vicuña. Santiago, CL

S05.4 Responding to Environmental Perception (Saturday, Sept 8)
Bouchaib Bencharki. Casablanca, MA
F. Javier Cejudo. Seville, ES
Stanislaw Karpinski. Warsaw, PL
Cornelia Spetea. Gothenburg, SW

S05.5 Molecular Clocks and Cell Cycling (Sunday, Sept 9)
Albert Goldbeter. Brussels, BE
Paloma Mas. Barcelona, ES
Marcelo Yanovsky. Buenos Aires, AR
(to be named)
W01 – W03 Omic Sciences

W01 Functional Genomics (Wednesday, Sept 5)
Thomas R. Gingeras. Cold Spring Harbor, NY, US
Rodrigo Gutiérrez. Santiago, CL
Huanming Yang. Beijing, CN

W02 Proteomics and Signal Transduction (Thursday, Sept 6)
Daniela Corda. Naples, IT
Albert J. R. Heck. Utrecht, NL
Martin R. Larsen. Odense, DK

W03 Metabolomics (Saturday, Sept 8)
Matej Orešič. Espoo, FI
Uwe Sauer. Zurich, CH
Elizabeth J. Want. London, UK

W04 Biochemistry in Medical Diagnosis and Therapy (Wednesday, Sept 5)

May Morris. Montpellier, FR
Flora Tassone. Davis, CA, US
Axel Ullrich. Martinsried, DE

W05 Forum for Bioentrepreneurs (Thursday, Sept 6)

Successful technology transfer: from test tubes to industrial applications
(to be named)

W06 Systems Biology (Saturday, Sept 8)

Uri Alon. Rehovot, IL
Edda Klipp. Berlin, DE
Luis Serrano. Barcelona, ES

W07– W08 Science and Society

W07 AIDS: Perspectives and New Therapies (Wednesday, Sept 5)
Peter Hale. Washington, DC, US
Simon Wain-Hobson. Paris, FR

W08 Malaria in the Developing World (Thursday, Sept 6)
Virander S. Chauhan. New Delhi, IN
Case McNamara. San Diego, CA, US
Shem O. Wandinga. Nairobi, KE

W09 Science in School (Saturday, Sept 8)

Isabel Varela Nıeto. Madrid, ES
Miguel Castanho. Lisbon, PT

Pedro Jordano. Seville, ES
Juli Peretó. Valencia, ES

Panel Discussion
Javier Fernández Portal. Madrid, ES
Gérard Cobut. Brussels, BE
Dolores Vega. Sevilla, ES
Isabel Varela Nıeto. Madrid, ES
Miguel Castanho. Lisbon, PT

W10 – W11 Biochemical Education

W10 Teaching Molecular Evolution: a Unifying Principle of Biochemistry (Wednesday, Sept 5)
Keith Elliott. Manchester, UK
Athel Cornish-Bowden. Marseille, FR

Juli Peretó. Valencia, ES
Peter Schuster. Vienna, AT

W11 Research into Effective Teaching Strategies: What Biochemistry Is Learning from Other Sciences (Thursday, Sept 6)
Susan Hamilton. Brisbane, AU
Manuel João Costa. Braga, PT

Kathleen Fisher. San Diego, CA, US
Joe (E. F.) Redish. Maryland, MD, US
Roy Tasker. Penrith, AU

W12 Women in Biochemistry: from Past to Future (Saturday, Sept 8)

Lea Sistonen. Turku, FI
Catalina Lara. Sevilla, ES

Robert Freedman. Coventry, UK
Raquel Gonçalves Maia. Lisbon, PT
Jenny Martin. Brisbane, AU
Edward Wood Lecture (PL15)

Sunday, 9th Sept., 11:00-12:00


Bruce Alberts (San Francisco, CA, US)


Teaching Molecular Evolution: a Unifying Principle of Biochemistry (W10)

Wednesday, 5th Sept., 15:30-17:00


Juli Peretó (Valencia, ES)
Peter Schuster (Vienna, AT)


Keith Elliott (Manchester, UK)

Athel Cornish-Bowden (Marseille, FR)

A joint activity of IUBMB Committee on Education, FEBS Education Committee and FEBS Science and Society Committee.

Research into Effective Teaching Strategies: What Biochemistry is Learning from Other Sciences(W11)

Thursday, 6th Sept., 15:30-17:00


Joe (E. F.) Redish (Maryland, MD, US)

Roy Tasker (Penrith, AU)

Kathleen M. Fisher (San Diego, CA, US) (pending final confirmation)


Susan Hamilton (Brisbane, AU; IUBMB Com. Educ.)

Manuel João Costa (Braga, PT; IUBMB Com. Educ.)

A joint activity of IUBMB Committee on Education and FEBS Education Committee.

Science in School: Biodiversity and Evolution(W09)

Saturday, 8th Sept., 15:30-17:00


Pedro Jordano (Sevilla, ES)

Juli Peretó (Valencia, ES)

Panel Discussion:

Javier Fernández-Portal (Madrid, ES)

Gérard Cobut (Brussels, BE)

Dolores Vega (Sevilla, ES)

Isabel Varela-Nıeto (Madrid, ES)

Miguel Castanho (Lisbon, PT)


Isabel Varela-Nıeto (Madrid, ES)

Miguel Castanho (Lisbon, PT)

A joint activity of FEBS Education Committee, FEBS Science and Society Committee and SEBBM

Poster session

#02: Biochemical Education

Wednesday, 5th Sept., 13:30-15:30 (pending final date confirmation)

This session will group all communications in poster form:

related to Workshop W09, "Science in School: Biodiversity and Evolution"
related to Workshop W10, "Teaching Molecular Evolution: a Unifying Principle of Biochemistry"
related to Workshop W11, "Research into Effective Teaching Strategies: What Biochemistry is Learning from Other Sciences"
related to any topics on education in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (free subject)
associated to the meeting of the SEBBM Education Group (Spanish Society)

Meeting of the SEBBM Education Group

Wednesday 5th or Thursday 6th Sept., 19:00-21:30 (pending final date confirmation)

Report and discussion on activities of the Group
Short presentations selected from the poster communications by members of SEBBM.

4 Sep - 9 Sep 2012
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