Conference on Diagnostic Electron Microscopy, Basic Research & Oncology

Dear friends and colleagues,

It is our pleasure to invite you to the XVI meeting for the Society for Ultrastructural Pathology to be held on 06-10 August, 2012 in the historical town of Regensburg, Germany.

The Society was formed in 1986 with the mission to support and promote the application of electron microscopy in pathological diagnosis and research
of human diseases. Over the years the scope of biennial meetings expanded and includes immunohistochemistry, molecular and cellular biology.

Now in the time of rapid increase of information and paradigm change in the field of health care we are facing new challenges.
The conference addresses practicing surgical pathologists, trainees, and other scientists involved in pathological diagnosis and research.
The scientific program of the UltraPath XVI will cover the traditional significant areas of pathology and following dedicated sessions:

• Tutorial – Pediatric respiratory diseases
• Ciliopathy derived human diseases
• Electron microscopy and transplantation pathology
• Electron microscopy in pathological basic research

Additionally two pre-congress workshops (Sunday, 05 Aug, 2012) sponsored by industrial companies will be offered:

• Microwave-assisted sample preparation (AMW; Leica Microsystems GmbH)
• TEM-cameras and software (Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions GmbH )

We are looking forward to welcome you in Regensburg.
+ show speakers and program
The story of Ernst and Helmut Ruska (Nobel Prize – 1986)
Thomas Ruska, Berlin (DE)

Ciliopathy Tutorial

The role of the primary cilium in clear cell renal cell carcinoma
Ian Frew – Institute of Physiology University Zurich (CH)

Regulation of nodal ciliogenesis by Noto and Foxj1
Achim Gossler – Institute of Molecular Biology Medical School Hannover (DE)

The complexity of cilia and the role of Flattop, a newly identified protein, in ciliogenesis and planar cell polarity establishment
Anika Böttcher – Institute of Stem Cell Research Helmholtz Centre Munich (DE)

Clinical and genetic defects in PCD
Heymut Omran – Pediatric Clinic University Muenster (DE)

Primary cilia and cystic kidney disease
Ralph Witzgall – Molecular & Cell Anatomy University Regensburg (DE)


Ultrastructural muscle pathology in the molecular era
Hans Goebel – Neuropathology Charité Berlin (DE)

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis pathogenesis: lessons from SOD1 and VAPB transgenic mouse models
Dick Jaarsma – Department Neuroscience Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam (NL)

Nerve pathology in the molecular era
Joachim Weis – Neuropathology University Aachen (DE)


Less than perfect divorces: Dysregulated mitochondrial morphology in neuronal pathophysiology
Stephan Frank – Pathology University Hospital Basel (CH)

Hereditary mitochondriopathies
Martin Lammens – Pathology University Medical Centre Nijmegen (NL)

Pathology of mitochondria due to drugs
Michael Mihatsch – Pathology University Hospital Basel (CH)
Helmut Hopfer - Pathology University Hospital Basel (CH)

Infectious Agents – Zoonoses

Zoonoses – new risks for human health
Andreas Kurth – Robert-Koch-Institute Berlin (DE)

6 Aug - 10 Aug 2012

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