American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) Annual Meeting

Actin Organization and Dynamics
n Authophagy, Self Renewal, and Cell Death
n Cancer Cell Biology
n Cell Biology of Neurodegeneration
n Cell Biology of the Neuron
n Cell Division
n Cell Growth and Cell Cycle Control
n Cell Mechanics and Intermediate Filaments
n Cell Migration and Motility
n Cell Polarity
n Cell-Cell and Cell-Matrix Interactions
n Cellular Stress, Protein Folding and Disease
n Development and Morphogenesis
n Integrated Research and Teaching and its
Benefits to Faculty and Students
n Intracellular Sorting and Trafficking
n Membrane Organization and Lipid Dynamics
n Micro- and Coding RNA
n Microtubule Organization and Dynamics
n Molecular Basis of Infectious Disease
n Molecular Motors
n Nuclear Structure and Function
n Organelle Structure and Vesicle Formation
n Physical and Computational Tools for Cell Biology
n Postdoc/Grad Student-Chaired Minisymposium
n Prokaryotic Cell Biolgy
n Regulation/Organization of the Genome
n Signal Transduction/Signaling Networks
n Stem Cells and Induced Pluripotency
+ show speakers and program
Steven Chu
U.S. Secretary of Energy
Arthur D. Levinson
Chair, Genentech and Apple, Inc.

15 Dec - 19 Dec 2012

San Francisco
United States of America
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