Imaging neuronal functions: from molecules to circuits

This international symposium aims to foster scientific exchanges between neurobiologists specialized in single molecule imaging, photochemistry, molecular biology, synaptic integration, network function and behavior and those actively developing new optical methods. This multidisciplinary interaction will advance our understanding and facilitate new approaches for investigating synaptic signaling and plasticity, both in vitro and in vivo, from its individual molecular components to complex networks in the intact brain.
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Boris BARBOUR (Paris, France)
Tom BLANPIED (Baltimore, USA)
Serge CHARPAK (Paris, France)
Daniel CHOQUET (Bordeaux, France)
Adam COHEN (Harvard, USA)
Bénédicte DARGENT (Marseille, France)
David DIGREGORIO (Paris, France)
Michael EHLERS (Graton, USA)
Valentina EMILIANI (Paris, France)
Fritjof HELMCHEN (Zurich, Switzerland)
Michael HÄUSSER (London, United Kingdom)

Stefan HELL (Göettingen, Germany)
Ehud ISACOFF (Berkeley, USA)
Haruo KASAI (Tokyo, Japan)
Arthur KONNERTH (München, Germany)
Richard KRAMER, Berkeley, USA)
Léon LAGNADO (Cambridge, UnitedKingdom)
Isabel LLANO (Paris, France)
Roberto MALINOW (San Diego, USA)
Troy MARGRIE (London, United Kingdom)
Gero MIESENBOCK (Oxford, United Kingdom)
Christophe MULLE (Bordeaux, France)

Valentin NÄGERL (Bordeaux, France)
Erwin NEHER (Göettingen, Germany)
Tim RYAN (Cornell, USA)
Bernardo SABATINI (Boston, USA)
Frédéric SAUDOU (Paris, France)
Stephan SIGRIST (Berlin, Germany)
Angus SILVER (London, United Kingdom)
Antoine TRILLER (Paris, France)
Matthias VERHAGE (Amsterdam,
The Netherlands)
Xiaowei ZHUANG (Boston, USA

30 Jun - 4 Jul 2012
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