Motor Neurones and Diseases of Motor Neurones

The Joint Summer meeting of the Anatomical Society of the UK and Sociedad Anatómica Española will be held at the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh from 10 – 12th July 2012, and includes:

Motor Neurones and Diseases of Motor Neurones

This symposium will bring together scientists and clinicians working on the basic and applied biology of motor neurones and the diseases which affect them. We have an impressive list of invited speakers, and we look forward to active discourse amongst you all

eAnatomy: Interactive electronic teaching in anatomical sciences education
This symposium will discuss recent advances in the use of electronic techniques in anatomy education and will include a demonstration of 3D visualisation. There will also be a workshop discussing recognition and reward in anatomy teaching, where we plan active discourse with our Spanish colleagues.
+ show speakers and program
Jeff Lichtman: Harvard, USA
Pico Caroni: Basel, Switzerland
Chris Lorson: Missouri, USA
Michael Sendtner: Würzburg, Germany
Kevin Talbot: Oxford, UK
Hugh Willison: Glasgow, UK
Angela Vincent: Oxford, UK
Lucia Tabares: Seville, Spain
Gareth Miles: St Andrews, UK
Maria Lanuza: Reus, Spain
Wojciech Pawlina: Rochester, USA
Ofelia Gonzalez-Sequeros: Murzia, Spain
Minhua Ma: Glasgow, UK
Alan Denison: Aberdeen, UK

10 Jul - 12 Jul 2012

United Kingdom
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