Adult neurogenesis and neurodegenerative disease

All graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and residents in neurology or psychiatry are cordially invited to apply for participation at the 2012 Route28 Summit in Neurobiology.
It will be held from August 4 to 10, 2012, in Frauenchiemsee, Southern Bavaria, Germany. The topic will be Adult neurogenesis and neurodegenerative disease.
The adult brain can generate new neurons, but it normally does so only in two privileged regions. One of these is the hippocampus, which plays a central role in learning and memory processes and which is affected in many neuropsychiatric disorders including dementias, depression, temporal lobe epilepsy and others. The topic of the 2012 workshop is how stem cells and adult neurogenesis might contribute to malfunction and compensation of the central nervous system in cases of neurodegenerative disease. Some of the most accomplished experts from the field have agreed to talk at Route28 in 2012 and an extraordinary spectrum of expertise and up-to-date information will be made accessible to the students.
Route28 meetings are unique in that they focus on collaboration. They are very different from other meetings and are workshops in a true sense of the word. There are only 45 participants admitted, who will be distributed into 9 groups. All groups are assigned one of three scientific problems related to the topic of the meeting, and over the time of the workshop the participants should develop a concept that tackles this specific question. In the end, a written proposal will be submitted, and a study section will select the three best proposals. Route28 workshops have a unique and intense atmosphere. Interaction with the speakers is unusually close. Most speakers will be present for the entire meeting. In the past, many participants have been surprised, how approachable the big names are. Much of the best interaction does not take place during the actual talk, but afterwards or over a glass of beer (or whatever you like) in the evening.

+ show speakers and program
Nicolas Bazan
Michael Brand
Emrah Duzel
André Fischer
Sebastian Jessberger
Jens Pahnke
Brent Reynolds
Sam Sisodia
Francis Szele
Beate Winner
Tony Wyss-Coray

4 Aug - 10 Aug 2012
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