3rd Biennial Conference on Resting State Brain Connectivity 2012

The Biennial Resting State Meeting series were initiated in Magdeburg 2008. After the great success of our last biennial meeting in Milwaukee 2010, it is a great pleasure to anounce the return of the 3rd Resting State Conference to europe and to the birthplace of this unique conference.

This meeting series is intended to bring together key researchers working on the physiological background or analysis of resting state data in a familial and highly interactive setting.

During our 3day schedule we will focus on physical, physiological, statistical and psychological implications of rs-fMRI and try to use the forum to define future directions of research.

Growing with the field and it's diversity, we invite researchers working on all related aspects of this fascinating phenomenon to share insights from their disciplines, including clinical applications.
+ show speakers and program
Andrew Alexander (Madison, WI/US)
Amit Anand (Indianapolis, IN/US)
Peter A. Bandettini (Bethesda, MD/US)
Rasmus Birn (Madison, WI/US)
Bharat Biswal (Newark, NJ/US)
Melanie Boly (Li├Ęge/BE)
Michael Breakspear (Brisbane/AU)
Vincent Calhoun (Albuquerque,NM/US)
Wei Chen (Minneapolis, MN/US)
Mark D'Esposito (Berkeley, CA/US)
Jeff Duyn (Bethesda, MD/US)
Gary Glover (Stanford, CA/US)
Michelle Hampson (New Haven, CT/US)
Yong He (Beijing/CN)
Barry Horwitz (Bethesda, MD/US)
Xiaoping Hu (Atlanta, GA/US)
Anthony Hudetz (Milwaukee,WI/US)
James Hyde (Milwaukee, WI/US)
Fahmeed Hyder (New Haven, CT/US)
Viktor Jirsa (Marseilles/FR)
Stephen Jones (Cleveland, OH/US)
Shella Kielholz (Atlanta, GA/US)
Vesa Kiviniemi (Oulu/FI)
Andreas Kleinschmidt (Gif sur Yvette/FR)
Stephen LaConte (Houston, TX/US)
Shi-Jiang Li (Milwaukee, WI/US)
Ching-Po Lin (Taipei/TW)
Tom Liu (San Diego, CA/US)
Mark Lowe (Cleveland, OH/US)
Hanbing Lu (Baltimore, CA/US)
Helen Mayberg (Atlanta, GA/US)
Vinod Menon (Stanford, CA/US)
Mike Milham (New York, NY/US)
Christopher Pawela (Milwaukee, WI/US)
Steve Petersen (St. Louis, MO/US)
Jean-Baptiste Poline (Gif sur Yvette/FR)
Marcus Raichle (St. Louis, US)
Serge Rombouts (Leiden/NL)
Bart Rypma (Dallas, TX/US)
Amir Shmuel (Montreal/CA)
Steven Smith (Oxford/GB)
Elliot Stein (Baltimore, CA/US)
Klaas E. Stephan (London/GB)
Stephen Strother (Toronto/CA)
Kamil Ugurbil (Minneapolis, MN/US)
Susan Whitfield-Gabrieli (Cambridge,MA/US)
Christian Windischberger (Vienna/AT)

5 Sep - 7 Sep 2012

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