Neurons Under Stress 2012

The conference will through keynote speeches by outstanding scholars, scientific sessions and workshops present an overview of the latest developments in Bioenergetics, Autophagy and Protein Translation in Neurological Disorders, in theory and application.
• Cell Survival and Cell Death Responses in Neurons
• Transcriptional Stress Responses and Neuronal Injury
• Non-Cell Autonomous Pathways and Neuroinflammation
• Bioenergetics, Mitochondria and Intracellular Transport
• Translational Control of Stress and Survival Responses
• Stress Granule Formation and RNA Metabolism
• Recent Developments and Application of Oxygen and Bioenergetics Sensors
• Bench-to-Bedside Approaches
• HTS, HCA, and Computational Approaches

+ show speakers and program
V. Dawson
M. Fuhrmann
D. Henshall
M. Lynch
E. Mandelkow
D. Papkowsky
R. Ratan
C. Taylor
B. Wolozin
M. Desmukh
G. Hardingham
E. Jonas.
G. Mallucci
M. Meffert
J. Prehn
D. Rubinsztein
J. Ule
B. Zlokovic

6 Sep - 7 Sep 2012
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