International Workshop on Transient Receptor Potential Channels

Transient Receptor Potential (TRP) channels comprise a new large family of ion channels. Originally discovered in the fruit fly Drosophila, more than 50 trp genes are known to code for TRP channel subunits and, of those, 28 channels have been characterized in mammals, with a wide distribution in different tissues. From yeast to humans, these cationic channels show polymodal activation features and play a fundamental role in the detection of external stimuli (temperature, touch and chemical irritants), pheromone signalling, osmolarity, taste, the reabsorption of cations (Ca2+ and Mg2+) in the kidney, vasomotor control, lymphocytic activation and the regulation of intracellular calcium signals. Mutant TRP channels participate in various rare diseases like mucolipidosis and polycystic kidney disease. Moreover, many recent articles are starting to link dysfunctional TRP channels with multiple syndromes and common diseases with a multifactorial origin such as arthritis, asthma, vascular hypertension and diabetic neuropathy. Furthermore, TRP channels are heavily investigated as potential novel targets for the treatment of pain, inflammation and oncogenesis.

The preliminary program of this workshop includes the participation of 17 international speakers, all leaders in the field of TRP channel research. The talks will cover all major current aspects of TRP channel research, including their molecular structure and traffic to the plasma membrane, genetics, their physiology and pharmacology, and their role in many pathophysiological processes, like pain, itch, thermoregulation, asthma, diabetes, vascular diseases and mineral homeostasis.
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Diana Bautista (USA)
Roles of TRP channels in itch transduction
Maria Belvisi (UK)
TRP channels and sensory reflexes in the lung
Stuart Bevan (UK)
TRP channel-mediated sensory transduction in normal and pathophysiological conditions
René Bindels (The Netherlands)
New insights in the regulation of mineral TRP's
Michael J. Caterina (USA)
TRP channels in the skin
David Clapham (USA)
TRPC5: mechanism of activation
Rachelle Gaudet (USA)
Structural insights into temperature sensing by TRP channels
Jorg Grandl (USA)
The temperature-activation mechanism of TRP channels
Thomas Gudermann (Germany)
TRPM6 for magnesium homeostasis
Roger Hardie (UK)
TRP channels in Drosophila phototransduction
David Julius (USA)
From Peppers to Pit Vipers: TRP channels and Thermosensation
Daniel Minor (USA)
Structural insights into ion channel structure and modulation
Craig Montell (USA)
Control of animal behavior by TRP channels
Antti Pertovaara (Finland)
Role of TRPA1 in diabetic neuropathy
Miguel Ángel Valverde (Spain)
TRPV4 regulation and population genetics
Haoxing Xu (USA)
Mucolipin TRP channels in the lysosome: opening the gate to the cell's recycling center
X. Z. Shawn Xu (USA)
TRP channels in C. elegans sensory transduction

12 Sep - 14 Sep 2012

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