Genome Instability in Aging and Brain Disease

The objective of the meeting is to highlight key aspects of DNA damage and repair in aging and the pathogenesis of neurological disease, and to improve our understanding of how nerve cells communicate in the healthy and diseased brain.
This is the fourth international meeting to address genome instability and DNA repair in the context of neuroscience and aging in a multidisciplinary setting.

Topics addressed will be relevant for neurological pathogenesis, genome instability and maintenance, stem cell biology, brain development, microbial model systems and synaptic communication. The aim is to identify new approaches for the early diagnosis and treatment of brain disease and age-related neurological impairment.

Scope of the meeting
The stability of genomes and gene pools will constantly be challenged by DNA damage induced by endogenous and exogenous agents, as well as spontaneous genome instability, recombination and stress responses. Mechanisms for genome variation, adaptation and maintenance are a necessity to ensure cellular fitness and survival in changing environments. Understanding the impact of genome instability and DNA repair mechanisms requires an interdisciplinary approach of molecular biology, physiology, imaging and clinical medicine.

The conference will bring together world-leading scientists to discuss the state-of-the-art and current perspectives on the role of genome instability and DNA repair of normal brain aging and in the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseases. The incidence of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease is rising with the increase in the aging population and has profound impact on the quality of life and on health care costs. Here, we aim to elucidate the current standing of the field and discuss roadmaps for future efforts to unravel the aging process and generate a basis for targeted prevention and treatment.
+ show speakers and program
arl Deisseroth

Douglas Wallace

Ari Barzilai

Linda H. Bergersen

Magnar Bjørås

Vilhelm A. Bohr

Keith Caldecott

Domenico Delia

Lars Eide

Karl Herrup

Ian Hickson

Lene Juel Rasmussen

Arne Klungland

Mike Koomey

Hans Krokan

Martin Lavin

George Martin

Peter McKinnon

Cynthia McMurray

David Nicholls

Laura Niederhofer

Hilde Nilsen

Ole Petter Ottersen

Jens Pahnke

Gerard Schellenberg

Yosef Shiloh

Tinna V. Stevnsner

Yousin Suh

Raymond Swanson

John A. Tainer

Tone Tønjum

Jan Vijg

Zhao-Qi Wang

David M. Wilson III

19 Sep - 22 Sep 2012

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