Neurodegeneration Conference 2012

This conference will focus on recent advances in neurodegenerative diseases, ranging from basic science to clinical and pharmaceutical developments, and will highlight current understanding of underlying mechanisms, new research directions, and therapeutic strategies. The conference will span Alzheimer's and other dementias twenty years since formulation of the amyloid cascade hypothesis, Parkinson's disease, prion diseases, as well as interactions and common mechanisms among neurodegenerative diseases. New concepts in any aspect of neurodegeneration/regeneration are, however, welcomed.
Featured will be plenary lectures from leading investigators, oral presentations from selected abstracts, and poster sessions covering each of the topics. Participation of younger scientists is particularly encouraged and there will be ample opportunity for informal discussions to develop new collaborations in an attractive environment on the Riviera Maya.
+ show speakers and program
Cristine Alves da Costa (Université de Nice, France)
Dale Schenk (Elan Pharmaceuticals)
David Allsop (Lancaster University)
Eliezer Masliah (University of California at San Diego)
Eric Karran (Alzheimer?s Research UK)
Guojun Bu (Mayo Clinic)
Hans-Ulrich Demuth (Probiodrug AG)
Hermona Soreq (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem )
Huaxi Xu (Sanford Burnham)
Jean-Charles Lambert (Universit? de Lille Nord de France)
John Hardy (University College London)
Julie Williams (University of Cardiff)
Laura Morelli (Fundacion Instituto Leloir)
Luc Buee (Inserm)
Malcolm Leissring (Mayo Clinic)
Mark Cookson (Laboratory of Neurogenetics NIH)
Michael Ugrumov (Russian Academy of Sciences)
Natalia Nalivaeva (University of Leeds)
Nibaldo Inestrosa (P. Catholic University of Chile)
Nigel Hooper (University of Leeds)
Patrick Kehoe (University of Bristol)
Paul Fraser (University of Toronto)
Peter St George-Hyslop (Cambridge Institute for Medical Research)
Sangram Sisodia (Neuroscience at The University of Chicago)
Takaomi Saido (RIKEN Brain Science Institute): A new mouse model of Alzheimer's disease: Distinguishing facts from artifacts
Tobias Hartmann (University of the Saarland)

27 Nov - 1 Dec 2012
Riviera Maya
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