European Congress of Immunology

Dear Colleagues

I am delighted to invite you to participate in the 3rd European Congress of Immunology (ECI2012) to be held in Glasgow, UK, 5-8 September 2012. The congress, under the auspices of EFIS (the European Federation of Immunology Societies), is organised by the British Society for Immunology (BSI). This congress, which is held every three years, follows the two hugely successful congresses held in Paris (2006) and Berlin (2009).

ECI 2012, with the theme “A healthier future through research, education and innovation” will have 4 parallel tracks with equal emphasis on basic and clinical immunology. There will be 24 symposia and 72 workshops covering all aspects of immunology: Innate immunity, adaptive immunity, Diseases of the immune system, and Immune interventions.

The speakers will be leading basic and clinical immunologists from all over the world. Several European Societies dealing with immunology, mostly in applied science have shown enormous enthusiasm in organising additional symposia. There will also be lunch time symposia sponsored by our industrial partners.

The congress, with 5000 participants, the largest gathering of the European immunologists, will provide a unique environment to network with colleagues from all over Europe and beyond. The Scottish Exhibition and Convention Centre, a modern and well planned facilities, will provide a relaxed and interactive venue for exciting scientific exchange and to view the latest development offered by related industry. There will be at least 500 bursaries to facilitate the participation of young scientists.

I look forward to welcoming you to Glasgow for this exciting and unique event.

Foo Yew Liew
President, ECI 2012
+ show speakers and program
Day 1
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Hall 5
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Hall 9
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Hall 12
10.15 -10.45
12.30 -14.00
14.00 - 15.15
Workshop – Myeloid Cell DevelopmentChair 1: Michael Sieweke, Marseille, FranceChair 2: Steffen Jung, Rehovot, Israel
Workshop – Sensing – TLRs and Other SensorsChair 1: SØran Paludan, Aarhus, DenmarkChair 2: Gunther Hartmann, Bonn, Germany
Workshop – Sensing – NLRs, IL1 & InflammasomesChair 1: Greta Guarda, Lausanne, SwitzerlandChair 2: David Sancho, Madrid, Spain
Workshop – Effector Th Cell Subsets and PlasticityChair 1: Andrew McKenzie, Cambridge, UKChair 2: Riitta Lahesmaa, Turku, Finland
Workshop – Antigen Receptors: Specificities, Repertoires & FunctionsChair 1: Leo James, Cambridge, UKChair 2: David Price, Cardiff, UK
Workshop – Lymphocyte Signalling MechanismsChair 1: Balbino Alarcón, Madrid, SpainChair 2: Wolfgang Schamel, Freiburg, Germany
Workshop – Primary Immunodeficiency and Rare DiseasesChair 1: Bobby Gaspar, London, UKChair 2: Kai Kisand, Tartu, Estonia
Workshop – DC, MHC, T Cells and DiseaseChair 1: Francesca Granucci, Milan, ItalyChair 2: Mark Peakman, London, UK
Workshop – Fundamental Inflammatory ProcessesChair 1: Marc Dionne, London, UKChair 2: Hannes Stockinger, Vienna, Austria
Workshop – Vaccine DevelopmentChair 1: Nils Lycke, Gothenberg, SwedenChair 2: Laura Martin, Sienna, Italy
Workshop – Biomarkers & Disease Profiling 1: Learning from GeneticsChair 1: Tim Vyse, London, UKChair 2: Stefan Schreiber, Kiel, Germany
Workshop – Biomarkers & Disease Profiling 2: Immune-MonitoringChair 1: Pierre Miossec, Lyon, FranceChair 2: Riccardo Troncone, Naples, Italy
15.15 - 15.45
15.45 - 17.00
Workshop – Sensing and Communicating – Lectins and Lectin-Like ReceptorsChair 1: Teunis Geijtenbeek, Amsterdam, The NetherlandsChair 2: Paul Crocker, Dundee, UK
Workshop – Responding – Innate Signalling SystemsChair 1: Dmitry Kuprash, Moscow, RussiaChair 2: Antonio Celada, Barcelona, Spain
Workshop – Responding – Monocyte, Macrophage & DC FunctionsChair 1: Colin Watts, Dundee, UKChair 2: tbc
Workshop – Ion ChannelsChair 1: Nicolas Demaurex, Geneva, Switzerland (tbc)Chair 2: tbc
Workshop – Lymphocyte DevelopmentChair 1: Freddy Radtke, Basel, SwitzerlandChair 2: María Toribio, Madrid, Spain
Workshop – Tolerance and ApoptosisChair 1: Andreas Villunger, Innsbruck, AustriaChair 2: Ramón Merino, Santander, Spain
Workshop – Rheumatoid Arthritis and LupusChair 1: George Kollias, Vari, GreeceChair 2: Marta Alarcon-Riquelme, Uppsala/Granada, Sweden/Spain
Workshop – Metabolic Disease and DiabetesChair 1: Marika Falcone, Milan, Italy (tbc)Chair 2: Marta Vives-Pi, Barcelona, Spain
Workshop – Neurological and Neuromuscular DiseasesChair 1: Trevor Owens, Odense, DenmarkChair 2: Marija Mostarica-Stojković, Belgrade, Serbia
Workshop – Immunotherapy for CancerChair 1: Wolf Fridman, Paris, FranceChair 2: tbc
Workshop – Targeting Virus-Induced DiseasesChair 1: Gavin Screaton, London, UKChair 2: Pablo Sarobe, Pamplona, Spain
Workshop – Targeting Bacterial, Fungal and Parasitic InfectionsChair 1: Luigina Romani, Perugia, Italy (tbc)Chair 2: Peter Šebo, Prague, Czech Republic
Friendship Symposia
08.30 - 10:15
10.45 - 12:30
17.15 - 19.30
Symposium – Insight from Extreme Immunological Phenotypes and Immune DeficiencyChair 1: Bill Egner, Sheffield, UKChair 2: Genevieve de Saint-Basile, Paris, France
Jean-Laurent CasanovaParis/New York, France/USA
Pärt PetersonTartu, Estonia
Gillian GriffithsCambridge, UK
Bodo GrimbacherLondon/Freiburg, UK/Germany
Eric ElderingAmsterdam, The Netherlands
Christian KurtzBonn, Germany
Ton SchumacherAmsterdam, The Netherlands
Symposium – Immunotherapeutics Provide Insights Into PathogenesisChair 1: Steffen Gay, Zurich, SwitzerlandChair 2: Reinhold Schmidt, Hannover, Germany
Iain McInnesGlasgow, UK
Rudolf ValentaVienna, Austria
Pascal MeierLondon, UK
Doron MelamedHaifa, Israel
Eric VivierMarseille, France
Alessandro MorettaGenoa, Italy
Julie Déchanet-MervilleBordeaux, France
Symposium – Shaping MemoryChair 1: Rita Carsetti, Rome, ItalyChair 2: Ramit Mehr, Ramet-Gan, Israel
Michael NeubergerCambridge, UK
Shizuo AkiraOsaka, Japan
Bruno LemaitreLausanne, Switzerland
Stipan JonjicRijeka, Croatia
T. Sakari JokirantaHelsinki, Finland
Symposium – Recognition of dysregulated-selfChair1: Klas Kärre, Stockholm, SwedenChair 2: Bojan Polic, Rijeka, Croatia
Caetano Reis e SousaLondon, UK
Josef PenningerVienna, Austria
John ToddCambridge, UK
Eddy LiewGlasgow, UK
Toby LawrenceMarseille, France
Andreas RadbruchBerlin, Germany
David GrayEdinburgh, UK
Federica SallustoBellinzona, Switzerland
Andrea CeruttiBarcelona, Spain
Thursday 6th September, 2012
Track C
Track D
Lunch in Exhibition Area (5 x Satellite Symposium)
Symposium – Recognition of Non-SelfChair1: Yvette van Kooyk, Amsterdam, The NetherlandsChair 2: Seppo Meri, Helsinki, Finland
Symposium – Memory Cells and MechanismsChair 1: Fritz Melchers, Berlin, GermanyChair 2: Rudolf Manz, Lübeck, Germany
Symposium – Pathogenesis in Inflammatory DiseaseChair 1: Gunnϋr Deniz, Istanbul, TurkeyChair 2: Wlodzimierz Maslinski, Warsaw, Poland
Symposium – Building on Success – Monoclonals and BeyondChair 1: Marc Feldmann, London, UKChair 2: Catherine Sautes-Fridman, Paris, France
Track A
Coffee in Exhibition Area
Coffee in Exhibition Area
Track B
Greg WinterCambridge, UK
Antonio LanzavecchiaBellinzona, Switzerland
Herman WaldmannOxford, UK
Lucienne ChatenoudParis, France

5 Sep - 8 Sep 2012

United Kingdom
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