Progress in Vaccination Against Cancer

We welcome you all to the next PIVAC meeting “The Twelfth International Conference on
Progress in Vaccination Against Cancer” (PIVAC-12) which will be held from 11th –13th
September 2012, in Nottingham, U.K. The meeting will cover all aspects of therapeutic
and prophylactic cancer cancer vaccinations, and retain a relaxed and informal
atmosphere for scientific discussions and interactions.
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Invited Speakers
Matteo Bellone, Milan, Italy
Jeffrey A Bluestone, San Francisco, USA tbc
Hans Clevers, Utrecht, the Netherlands tbc
Mary Collins, London, UK
Farzin Farzaneh, London, UK
Jerome Galon, Paris, France tbc
David Gilham, Manchester, UK
Francine Jotereau, Nantes, France
Gabrielle Multhoff, Munich, Germany
Yvonne Paterson, Philadelphia, USA
Graham Pockley, Sheffield, UK
Sergio Quezada, London, UK
Hans Georg Rammensee, Tubingen, Germany tbc
Tom Sayers, Maryland, USA
Andrew Sewell, Cardiff, UK
Eric Tartour, Paris, France
Abstract Submission Deadline: 30th June 2012. Registration Deadline: 31st July 2012.
Scientific Organising Committee
Robert Rees (Chair), Lindy Durrant; Stephanie McArdle; Poulam Patel, Graham Pawelec;
Adrian Robins; Per Thor Straten

11 Sep - 11 Sep 2012
United Kingdom
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