Innovative strategies to prevent transplant rejection

The Course will cover the current views on basic concepts of transplant immunology, clinical perspective in transplantation and new mechanisms of tolerance induction.
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Course Directors:

Robert Lechler (Director, Kings Health Partners Academic Health Sciences Centre, London)

Giovanna Lombardi and Randolph Noelle (MRC Centre for Transplantation,
King's College, London)

Organising Committee: S. Fontana, A. Di Giacomo, E. Carbone, S. Formisano, T. Reynolds

Programme Summary

Basic concepts of transplant immunology

Elizabeth Simpson (London) An historic perspective on transplantation

Claudia Kemper (London) The involvement of innate immunity in graft rejection/tolerance

Tony Dorling (London) Is coagulation relevant to transplantation?

Robert Lechler (London) Mechanisms of allograft rejection

A Clinical perspective in transplantation

Rachel Hilton (London) Optimising the care of the transplant recipient

Maria Hernandez-Fuentes (London) Immunemonitoring in renal transplant patients

Alberto Sanchez-Fueyo (Barcelona) Characterization of allograft tolerance in clinical liver transplantation

New mechanisms of tolerance induction

Stephen Cobbold (Oxford) Acquired immunoprivilege

Randy Noelle (London) From antibody therapy to checkpoint regulators in immunity and transplantation

Terry Strom (Boston) New molecular target to induce transplantation tolerance

Larry Turka (Boston) Transplantation tolerance and regulatory T cells

Kathryn Wood (Oxford) Animal models to study transplantation tolerance

Giovanna Lombardi (London) Cell therapy in transplantation

Richard Smith (London) Protein therapy

12 Oct - 29 Oct 2012

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