Animal personalities and coping style: their roles in health and disease

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10:30 h: Welcome and introduction
10:50 h: Erik Höglund (Technical University of Denmark). Behavioural and physiological traits of stress coping styles in fish.
11:20 h: Jaap Koolhaas (University of Groningen). Coping styles and behavioural flexibility: towards underlying mechanisms.
11:50 h: Annual meeting KNDV
12:30 h: Lunch
13:30 h: Liesbeth Bolhuis (Wageningen University). Individual coping characteristics, rearing conditions and behavioural flexibility in pigs.
14:00 h: Johan Schrama (Wageningen University). Coping strategies in farmed African catfish Clarias gariepinus.
14:30 h: Tea break
14:45 h: Kees van Reenen (Wageningen University). Identifying temperament in dairy cows.
15:15 h: Paula Mommersteeg (University of Tilburg). Human type D personality and vulnerability to adverse outcomes in heart disease.
15:45 h: Tea break
16:00 h: Presentation of the Dutch Zoology Prize 2012
16:15 h: Gretha Boersma (Johns Hopkins University). Personality and the pathophysiology of energy metabolism.

25 May - 25 May 2012
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