Invertebrate Neurobiology

We are pleased to announce the Cold Spring Harbor Asia conference onInvertebrate Neurobiology which will be held at the Suzhou Dushu Lake Conference Center in Suzhou, China, located approximately 60 miles west of Shanghai. The conference will begin at 7:00pm on the evening of Monday June 18, and will conclude after lunch on Friday June 22, 2012.

This conference is similar in design to the famous Cold Spring Harbor meetings series, a program now in its 76th year. The conference will include eight oral sessions and one poster session. Many talks will be selected from the openly submitted abstracts on the basis of scientific merit and relevance. Social events throughout the conference provide ample opportunity for informal interactions.

Major Topics:
- Neural development
- Neural function and synaptic plasticity
- Neural circuits and behaviors
- Sensory and motor systems
- Learning and memory
- Evolution of nervous systems
- Modeling human neurological diseases
- Neural techniques
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Invited Speakers:
Ann-Shyn Chiang, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
Abstract title: TBA
Mario de Bono, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, UNITED KINGDOM
Abstract title: TBA
Aki Ejima, Kyoto University, JAPAN
Abstract title: Olfaction tells distance to a target female and modulates courtship song choice in Drosophila males
Martin Giurfa, University Paul-Sabatier, FRANCE
Abstract title: TBA
David Glanzman, University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Abstract title: TBA
Zhefeng Gong, Zhejiang University, CHINA
Abstract title: TBA
Ron Harris-Warrick, Cornell University, USA
Abstract title: TBA
Binyamin Hochner, Hebrew University, ISRAEL
Abstract title: TBA
Yishi Jin, University of California, San Diego/HHMI, USA
Abstract title: TBA
Ryohei Kanzaki, University of Tokyo, JAPAN
Abstract title: Neural Mechanisms of Odor Source Localization in the Silkmoth
Christoph Kleineidam, University of Konstanz, GERMANY
Abstract title: Adaptations within the antennal lobe of social insects for processing simple or complex odor patterns
Tzumin Lee, HHMI, Janelia Farm Research Campus, USA
Abstract title: Cell lineage analysis of Drosophila central brain
Li Liu, Institute of Biophysics, CAS, CHINA
Abstract title: Locomotor Behaviors of Drosophila
Karen Mesce, University of Minnesota, USA
Abstract title: Small steps and larger strides in understanding how a dopamine-regulated locomotor behavior is organized
Daniel Robert, Bristol University, UK
Abstract title: TBA
Bruno van Swinderen, University of Queensland, AUSTRALIA
Abstract title: TBA
Daisuke Yamamoto, Tohoku University, JAPAN
Abstract title: A single gene - single neuron approach to Drosophila courtship behavior
Fengwei Yu, Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory, Singapore
Abstract title: Sculpting the Nervous System: Mechanisms of Developmental Dendrite Pruning in Drosophila

18 Jun - 22 Jun 2012
Suzhou Dushu Lake
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