Prion 2012

The organizers of Prion2012 are honoured to receive the scientific community in the field of prion diseases and related disorders in Amsterdam, capital of The Netherlands.
Prion research remains a challenging field. Since the large outbreak of BSE in cattle, and the occurrence of vCJD in humans, huge efforts have resulted in impressive progress in prion research and lead to new insights into prion pathomechanisms. However, even though the epidemic seems to be under control, atypical and sporadic TSE variants still occur, pinpointing the importance to keep prion research up-to-date. In addition, prion related pathological protein mechanisms appear more generic in other diseases such as Alzheimer disease, Parkinson’s disease, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Basic questions that still have to be answered are:

what is the trigger of the transmissible disease forms,
how are prion strain characteristics enciphered at a molecular level,
what measures can be taken for treatment and prevention of these and related neuropathological protein aggregation disorders.

To update each other on the state-of-the-art of prion research and to discuss and exchange ideas on future strategies, we welcome you at the VU University Amsterdam, a location with a long history in basic and applied neurosciences.

We will do our best to make you feel at home.
And while being here you might want to take the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of history, culture, liveliness and entertainment in the unique city of Amsterdam.

We express our thanks to the sponsors, the organisations, and you, who make this conference possible and a potential success.

See you in Amsterdam

Organizing committee
+ show speakers and program
Plenary lecture speakers

John Collinge (May 10)
Adriano Aguzzi (May 11)

Key note speakers (& session)

Vincent Berinque (transmission and strains)
Byron Caughey (diagnosis and therapeutics)
Chris Dobson (protein folding diseases)
Pierluigi Gambetti (human prion diseases)
Witold Surewicz (PrPSc structure and formation)
William VanNostrand (hot topics)
Robert Will (blood safety, decontamination & environment)

Invited speakers (& session)

Umberto Agrimi (susceptibility and genetics)
Alex Bossers (susceptibility and genetics)
Neil Cashman (diagnosis and therapeutics)
Cornelia van Duijn (epidemiology & risk assessment)
Edward Hoover (pathogenesis and pathology)
Martin Jeffrey (protein folding diseases)
Lucien van Keulen (transmission and strains)
Annemieke Rozemuller (human prion diseases)
Robert Somerville (nature of the agent)
Jörg Tatzelt (PrP and cell biology)
David Westaway (PrP biology and function)

9 May - 12 May 2012

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