European School of Hematology International Conference on Lymphomas

Dear Colleague,
Our knowledge on the pathology of lymphoma and on the therapeutic possibilities has greatly changed during the last 10 years. Lymphoma is a complex cancer with several entities, each with its own genetic abnormalities, spreading characteristics, and therapeutic options.
Numerous pathways controlling important cellular mechanisms have been found to be deregulated in lymphoma cells, leading to cell growth or refractoriness to therapy. Inhibitors specific for these different pathways are gaining therapeutic roles.
Therapy of patients with lymphoma associates standard chemotherapy regimens, monoclonal antibodies, and inhibitors. The importance of each of these factors depends of the lymphoma subtype and clinical prognostic parameters such as the International Prognostic Index.
Evidence-based medicine has allowed to define the best strategic options for the majority of lymphoma patients but progress needs to continues to increase the efficacy in certain situations and to decrease the toxicity of our regimens.
All of these issues will be discussed during the conference. We hope to have the pleasure of welcoming you.
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28 Oct - 30 Oct 2012

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