The XXIV International Complement Workshop

Rarely before has the field of complement research seen such dramatic changes and exciting developments than during the past decade. Driven by seminal discoveries ranging from molecular to clinical aspects, and fueled by recent progress in the therapeutic intervention in complement-mediated diseases, novel insights into the function of complement appear at an increasingly rapid pace. New players in the network have been discovered and several functional aspects have been redefined or extended, recently. At the same time, we are coming to realize that the physiological spectrum of complement by far exceeds host antimicrobial defense and that the complement network is highly intertwined with a variety of bodily systems. Open and vivid scientific discussions, the integration of new research ideas and talents, and the interaction with peripheral fields can further drive complement research to new horizons.
The XXIV International Complement Workshop on October 10-15, 2012, on the scenic island of Crete, Greece, will serve as a timely and lively scientific platform to share the latest research updates, discuss emerging trends and concepts in the field, meet current and future collaborators, and get inspired by new ideas. Submitted abstracts will be peer-reviewed and selected for either an oral presentation in the top-modern conference center, or for the poster sessions. In addition to the scientific highlights, the Greek sun, cuisine, and cultural attractions will certainly contribute to a relaxed and unforgettable workshop experience. The regular registration package will include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and coffee breaks, as well as a social program including trips to Cretan highlights and, of course, some dancing.
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Special Lecture
Forgotten Revolution
Lucio Ruso, Ph.D
Professor of Mathematics
University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy

Hans J. Müller-Eberhard Memorial Lecture
The humoral arm of innate immunity: recurrent themes and regulatory pathways
Alberto Mantovani, M.D.
Professor, University of Milan
Scientific Director, Istituto Clinico Humanitas

Systems Biology and Innate Immunity
Shankar Subramaniam, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair Department of Bioengineering,
University of California, San Diego

Tipping complex systems from disease to health: genetic and dietary influences on metabolic disease, cancer and inflammation
Joe Nadeau, Ph.D.
Director of Research and Academic Affairs
Systems Biology Institute, Seattle

10 Oct - 15 Oct 2012

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