On behalf of the organizing team, we are delighted to cordially invite all colleagues and friends to "Molecular Medicine Conference 2012 (MMC2012)", the first international conference to be held in Thailand and Southeast Asia. This conference will emphasize on "Alternative Strategies against Cancer and Inflammation" to keep abreast of the currently hot topic of "Cancer and Inflammation", which is aimed to be a forum for researchers in biomedical and clinical sciences from universities, research institutes and private sectors around the world to exchange and discuss their recent discoveries and most updated scientific information. Many reputed guest speakers from Europe, USA, Asia and other parts of the world are invited to join and present their discoveries, which will contribute to the high standing level of this conference.

……During the past thirty years, a great diversity of signaling pathways and gene-activating mechanisms responsible for cancer and inflammation has been discovered. Currently, these discoveries and recent advanced technologies have been translated into new therapeutic approaches in the clinic but with limited success. Alternative strategies, such as natural compounds, targeted-design molecules, and combinatorial approaches may be more successful or straightforward to combat cancer or inflammatory diseases. MMC2012 will provide the participants with the latest novelties in basic cellular and molecular mechanisms and therapeutic developments. It will also offer new idea and approaches for research and offer the opportunity for research collaboration with the experts in this field.

……We trust that you will enjoy this crucial scientific event and be impressed with our warmest welcome, friendship, and hospitality in Thailand where it is a world-famous tourist destination. We look forward to meeting and welcoming you.

With our warm-hearted regards,

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Important topics to be covered:

• Inflammation, cancers, and other diseases
• Immunological responses and inflammatory diseases
• Cellular inflammatory activation and signaling pathways
• NF-κB activation pathway and target gene regulation
• Cytokine and chemokine gene activation and suppression
• Current and alternative strategies to modulate inflammatory responses
• New therapeutic agents, biomolecules, natural compounds, and plant products against
..cancer and inflammation
• Prospective areas of research on cancer and inflammation

19 Dec - 22 Dec 2012
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