2nd International Neural Regeneration Symposium

Neural Regeneration Research
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2nd International Neural Regeneration Symposium 2012 (INRS2012)
Shenyang, China
9/21 – 25, 2012

Short Course: Basic Techniques in Neural Regeneration Research
(Language: Chinese)
Su-Chun Zhang (University of Wisconsin): Generating neural stem cells for repair of CNS disorders
Xiao-Ming Xu (Indiana University): Axonal tract tracing techniques in CNS injury and regeneration research
Yi-Ping Zhang (Norton Neuroscience Institute): Animal models for the CNS injury and regeneration
Jinhui Chen (Indiana University): Assessments of neuronal cell survival and death
Junfang Wu (University of Maryland): Functional assessments for CNS trauma and regeneration, and neurodegenerative disorders

Keynote Speech
(language: English)
Bruce Alberts (Editor-in-Chief of Science)

Symposium Themes
(language: English)

Theme 1: Regeneration following the central and peripheral nerve injuries

Co-chairs: Dr. John Houle, Dr. Xiao-song Gu(Medical School of Nantong University)
Zhigang He (University of California at Berkeley): PTEN/mTOR –mediated axonal regeneration
John D. Houle (Drexel University): Transplantation-mediated axonal regeneration following spinal cord injury
Ahmet Hoke (Johns Hopkins University): Peripheral nerve regeneration

Theme 2: Stem cell transplantation-mediated neural regeneration

Co-chairs: Dr. Mari Dezawa, Dr. Cheng He(The Second Military Medical University)
Even Snyder (Sanford-Burnham Institute): Cross talk and developmental programs in stem cell biology
Mari Dezawa (Kyoto University): Bone marrow stromal cells in the repair of CNS injuries
Su-Chung Zhang (University of Wisconsin): Human Stem cell and brain repair

Theme 3: Endogenous and exogenous repair mechanisms

Co-chairs: Dr. Kwok-fai So, Dr. Zai-hua Xu(The General Hospital of Shenyang Military Medical University)
Kwok-Fai So (University of Hong Kong): Functional role of endogenous neural stem cells
Alan Harvey (University of Western Australia): Transplantation and gene therapy-mediated repair of injured CNS
George Smith (Shriners Hospital, Tample University): Construction of molecular pathways to direct axonal growth and regeneration

Theme 4: Emerging technology in neural regeneration & trauma research

Co-chairs: Dr. Kevin Wang, Dr. Xiao-Min Wang(Capital Medical University)
Ji-xin Cheng (Purdue University): Nanotechnology and imaging in CNS injury research
Sarah Dunlop (University of Western Australia): Intensive training in promoting neural regeneration in the injured CNS
Kevin K.W. Wang (University of Florida): Biomarkers in neurotrauma research

Theme 5: Translational research and clinical trials in acute neurological disorders

Co-chairs: Dr. Wise Young, Dr. Feng Ling(Xuanwu Hospital, Capital Medical University)
Chris Shields (Norton Neuroscience Institute): What is needed for regeneration research – from a clinician’s perspective.
John (Shinn-Zong) Lin (China Medical University): Clinical trial of stem cell transplantation in patients with stroke
Wise Young (Rutgers University): Clinical trials in China SCI NET

21 Sep - 25 Sep 2012

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