Research in Encoding And Decoding of Neural Ensembles

One of the current fundamental problems in neuroscience is to understand how the activation of large populations of neurons gives rise to the higher order functions of the brain including learning, memory, cognition, perception, action and ultimately conscious awareness. Electrophysiological recordings in behaving animals over the past forty years have revealed considerable information about what the firing patterns of single neurons encode in isolation, but it remains largely a mystery how collections of neurons interact to perform these functions.

Cacti Recent technological advances have provided new glimpses into the global functioning of the brain. These technologies include functional magnetic resonance imaging, optical imaging and manipulation methods, high-density electroencephalography and magnetoencephalography, and multi-microelectrode array electrophysiology. These technologies have expanded our knowledge of brain functioning beyond the single neuron level.

At the same time, our understanding of how neuronal ensembles carry information has allowed the development of brain-machine interfaces (BMI) to enhance the capabilities of patients with sensory and motor deficits. Knowledge of how neuronal ensembles encode sensory stimuli has made it possible to develop perceptual BMIs for the hearing and visually impaired. Likewise, research in how neuronal ensembles decode motor intentions has resulted in motor BMIs by which people with severe motor disabilities can control external devices.
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Dora Angelaki Baylor College of Medicine
Sliman Bensmaia U. Chicago
Davi Bock HHMI Janelia Farm
Anne Churchland Cold Spring Harbor
David Dickman Baylor College of Medicine
Michael Hasselmo Boston University
Nicholas Hatsopoulos U. Chicago
Peter Latham UCL
Jean Livet INSERM
Jeff Magee HHMI Janelia Farm
Dan Margoliash U. Chicago
Tirin Moore Stanford
John O'Keefe UCL
Leslie Osborne U. Chicago
John Pezaris Harvard Med. School
Panayiota Poirazi FORTH / IMBB
Hans Scherberger DPZ
Elad Schneidman Weizmann Institute
Shy Shoham Technion
Idan Segev Hebrew University
Eilon Vaadia Hebrew University


In addition to our expert speakers, we have an august list of session moderators to keep the discussions lively and interesting.
Kenneth Blum Harvard University
Nikos Logothetis Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics
Anthony Movshon New York University
Barry Richmond NIH / NIMH
Irini Skaliora Biomed. Res. Foundation, Academy of Athens
Stelios Smirnakis Baylor College of Medicine

Organizing Committee

Thistle and Sunset Nicholas Hatsopoulos, Co-Chair
John Pezaris, Co-Chair
Catherine Ojakangas
Andreas Tolias
Yiota Poirazi
Thanos Siapas

21 Jun - 24 Jun 2012
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