Transcriptional Regulation: Chromatin and RNA Polymerase II

The Eukaryotic RNA polymerase II and chromatin play a pivotal role in regulating gene expression. A central challenge to current research is to determine how RNA polymerase II coordinates the synthesis of messenger RNA, resulting in proper development and cellular regulation. Due to the expansion in the breadth and impact of both RNA polymerase II and chromatin in the regulation of gene expression, cellular development and the pathogenesis of human diseases, ASBMB has sponsored a small, focused meeting titled, Transcriptional Regulation by Chromatin and RNA polymerase II. The 2012 ASBMB Symposium on Transcriptional Regulation by Chromatin and RNA Polymerase II represents the 5th anniversary of this meeting. Attendance at these symposia capped at about 200 participants and includes principal investigators, postdoctoral fellows, students, and scientists from pharmaceutical companies.

The sessions will cover recent findings in transcriptional initiation, elongation and termination and the role of RNA polymerase II, its C-terminal domain and the associated factors in this process. The roles of chromatin and chromosomes, their interacting proteins and post-translational modifications, their numerous transcriptional properties and their role in development also will be addressed. Oral presentations at the symposia will be chosen from submitted abstracts, which is due by March 1st 2012. The applications accepted for poster presentations will compete for two $1,000 awards.

The plenary lecture for this year’s symposium will be presented by Dr. Ramin Shiekhattar (Wistar Institute) who will describe his work on the functions of long non-coding RNAs in transcriptional regulation and during development and disease pathogenesis. Due to space limitations, we anticipate another oversubscription for this meeting. In this case, we will make a concerted effort to ensure that each research group wishing to participate is represented. The status of all submitted abstracts will be posted on the ASBMB Web site. We look forward to seeing you in Snowbird for an exciting and enlightening symposium!
+ show speakers and program
Ramin Shiekhattar
The Wistar Institute
Asifa Akhtar
Max Planck Institute of
Immunobiology and Epigenetics
Shelley Berger
University of Pennsylvania
Bradley Cairns
Huntsman Cancer Institute
Joan Conaway
St owers Institute for
Medical Research
Michael Carey
University of California,
Los Angeles School of Medicine
Philip Cole
Johns Hopkins University
School of Medicine
Jean-François Couture
University of Ott awa
John Denu
University of Wisconsin
Luciano Di Croce
Centre de Regulation Genomica
and Institució Catalana de
Recerca/Estudis Avançats
Joaquin Espinosa
University of Colorado,
Boulder And HHMI
Kai Ge
National Institute of
Diabetes and Digestive
and Kidney Diseases
Shiv Grewal
National CanCer Institute
Kristian Helin
University of Copenhagen
Anthony Imbalzano
University of Massachusetts
Medical School
Katherine Jones
The Salk Institute for
Biological St udies
Craig Kaplan
Texas A&M University
Paul Kaufman
University of Massachusetts
Medical School
Sepideh Khorasanizadeh
Sanford/Burnham Medical
Research Institute
Robert Kingston
Massachusetts General
Hospital and Harvard
Medical School
W. Lee Kraus
University of Texas
Southwestern Medical Center
Tatiana Kutateladze
University of Colorado
Denver School of Medicine
Andreas Ladurner
Ludwig Maximilians University
of Munich
Michael Levine
University of California,
Anna Mapp
University of Michigan
Ronen Marmorstein
The Wistar Institute
Robert Martienssen
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Barbara Meyer
University of California,
Berkeley And HHMI
Anders Näär
Harvard Medical School
Joseph Reese
Penn St ate University
Danny Reinberg
New York University and HHMI
Robert Roeder
Rockefeller University
Ananda Roy
Tufts University School
of Medicine
Georgios Skiniotis
University of Michigan
Ali Shilatifard
St owers Institute for
Medical Research
David Stillman
University of Utah School
of Medicine
Hendrik Stunnenberg
Nijmegen Centre for Molecular
Sciences, Radboud University
Raymond Trievel
University of Michigan
Peter Verrijzer
Erasmus University Medical
Johnathan Whetstine
Massachusetts General
Hospital Cancer Center and
Harvard Medical School
Jerry Workman
St owers Institute for

4 Oct - 8 Oct 2012
United States of America
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