Post Translational Modifications: Detection and Physiological Role

Post-translational modifications create the enormous structural and functional diversity required to integrate information regarding the nutrient and stress status of the cell and to regulate essential cellular functions. Recent technological advances, particularly in the area of mass spectrometry, are revealing new modifications and providing novel insights into the role of PTMs in integrating information and regulating signal transduction. This biannual meeting brings together leading experts in the study of a wide variety of different PTMs to allow cross-fertilization, presentation of the most exciting breakthroughs in the methodology and biological functions of PTMs and lively discussions of new concepts and approaches.
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The meeting program will include the speakers and tentative topics below.


Donald F. Hunt, University of Virginia
Topic: Development of new methods and instrumentation for the characterization of posttranslational modifications

Eric J. Bennett, University of California, San Diego
Topic: Approaches to study the ubiquitin modified proteome and what these large scale approaches reveal about ubiquitin ligases

Alma Burlingame, University of California, San Francisco
Topic: Development of methodologies to study protein dynamics and/or O-GlcNAc modification

Kate S. Carroll, Scripps Research Institute
Topic: Methodologies for detection of sulfenylated proteins and the impact of this modification on signal transduction

Neil Kelleher, Northwestern University
Topic: Approaches enabling large-scale top down characterization of intact posttranslationally modified proteins

Alexandra Newton, University of California, San Diego

Topic: Recent findings regarding the posttranslational regulation of PKC isozymes

Chris Overall, University of British Columbia
Topic: Tools and methodology facilitating the characterization of N- and C-terminal proteolytic posttranslational processing

Eric Verdin, Gladstone Institutes

Topic: Protein regulation by acetylation and the role of histone/protein deacetylases

Lance Wells, University of Georgia

Topic: Characterization of O-linked Glycosylation

Yingming Zhao, University of Chicago

Topic: Identification, characterization, and functional evaluation of novel posttranslational modifications

11 Oct - 14 Oct 2012
Tahoe City
United States of America
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