Marine Microbiology & Biotechnology:Biodiscovery, Biodiversity and Bioremediation 2012

Marine biotechnology’ has become an umbrella term for a plethora of diverse research activities aimed at providing sustainable food and energy sources, protecting environmental and human health, and facilitating the development of novel industrial products and processes. In its position paper 15, (Sept 2010), Marine Biotechnology: A new vision and strategy for Europe, the European Science Foundation Marine Board identified urgent research objectives for the thematic areas outlined above. Microbiology based inputs were recognised as being central to several of the marine biotechnology advances envisaged.

It is against this background that the Society for General Microbiology (SGM Irish Division), in association with FEMS, are sponsoring the Marine Microbiology and Biotechnology conference in UCC. The conference will focus on three key marine biotechnology research themes; Biodiscovery, biodiversity and bioremediation, in which microbiology is a core contributory discipline. The broad scope offered by the proposed themes is intended to promote inclusivity and facilitate interactions between diverse research groups at both national and international levels. The meeting will also seek to highlight overlapping research interests between the proposed themes.
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Dr. Jeroen Raes

Vrije University Brussels

Biodiversity, Systems Biology, Phylogeography

Dr. Jeanette Andersen

University of Tromso

Artic Sampling & Biodiscovery

Prof. Ute Henschel

University of Wurzburg

Bioactives from Marine Sponge Microflora

Prof. Alan Dobson

University College Cork

Bioactives from Irish Marine Sources

Dr. Julian Marchesi

University of Cardiff

Deep Sea Floor Microbial Ecology

Prof. Marcel Jaspers

University of Aberdeen

Sea Squirt symbionts and Bioactives

Prof. Jan Roelef van der Meer

University of Lausanne

Marine Biosensors

Dr. Chantal Compere


Biofouling and Marine Biofilms

Dr. John McGrath

Queen's University Belfast

Marine phosphate recycling

14 Nov - 16 Nov 2012
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