International Endotoxin and Innate Immunity Society Meeting 2012 (IEIIS2012) and the 2nd Homeostatic Inflammation Symposium (HIS2012)

On behalf of the programing and organizing committees for International Endotoxin and Innate Immunity Society Meeting 2012 (IEIIS2012) and the 2nd Homeostatic Inflammation Symposium (HIS2012), we would like to welcome you in the meeting, which will be held in Tokyo, Japan on Oct 23 (Wed) to 26 (Fri), 2012.

A major mission of IEIIS2012/HIS2012 is to share and exchange new results and ideas in the area of innate immunity, infectious diseases and inflammatory disorders. The venue is close to the Palace, the center of Tokyo, and you can enjoy the downtown of Tokyo, including newly built SKYTREE, which will appear in Tokyo in May 2012, boasting a height of 634 m!!
+ show speakers and program
L1: Enigmas of Innate immune recognition of Th2/Th17 adjuvants
1. W. C. Gause (New Jersey Medical School, USA)
Characteristic properties of adjuvants promoting Th2-type in vivo immune responses
2. Yan Shi (University of Calgary, Canada)
Membrane lipids as immune sensors
3. K. J. Ishii (Natl. Inst. Biomed. Innov./Osaka Univ.)
Intra- and extra-cellular nucleic acids as an adjuvant
4. Moshe Arditi (Cedars-Sinai Medical Center)
Mitochondrial DNA damage and NLRP3 inflammasome activation. The Missing Link
5. Hiroki Yoshida (Saga University)
ITAM-receptor/CARD9-mediated activation of innate immunity against protozoan infection
12:15‐13:00 Conference Hall(3+4) (160 persons)
Luncheon seminar
13:15‐15:45 Main Hall (523 persons)
L2: Inflammatory Regulation: Recent insight on molecular and cellular mechanisms for regulating
inflammatory or autoimmune diseases
1. M. Gilliet (Univ. Lausanne, Switzerland)
Sensing self-nucleic acids in skin inflammation
2. Westley H. Reeves (Univ. Florida, USA)
Innate immune mechanisms in experimental lupus
3. Koji Yasutomo (Tokushima Univ.)
Genetic analysis of autoinflammatory disorders
4. Mitsuru Matsumoto (Tokushima Univ.)
Aire-dependent organization of thymic microenvironment for the establishment of self-tolerance
【IEIIS2012】Homeostatic Inflammation Symposiun
5. Tsuneyasu Kaisho (Osaka University/RCAI)
Dendritic cell subsets in inflammation
Coffee break
16:00‐17:00 Main Hall (523 persons)
Keynote lecture (K. Miyake)
Shizuo Akira (Osaka Univ.)
17:00‐18:00 Conference Hall(1+2)
Poster session
18:15 Conference Hall(3+4) (160 persons)
Welcome reception
【IEIIS2012】Homeostatic Inflammation Symposiun
Wednesday, October 24th
9:30‐12:00 Main Hall (523 persons)
L3: Chronic Inflammation
1. Susumu Nakae (Tokyo Univ.)
2. Kazuyo Moro (Keio Univ.)
Role of natural helper cells in the lung during allergy and helminth infection
3. Yoshinori Nagai (Toyama Univ.)
Regulation of adipose tissue inflammation by TLR family protein RP105/MD-1 complex
4. Takashi Tanaka (RIKEN)
Negative regulation of inflammatory response by LIM proteins
5. Kohsuke Takeda (Tokyo Univ.)
Role of mitochondrial phosphatase PGAM5 in inflammation
9:30‐12:00 Conference Hall(3+4) (160 persons)
Japanese Endotoxin Society Meeting
C1:Endotoxin: Clinical
1. Hiroshi Fukui (Nara Medical University)
Endotoxin, innate immunity and platelet aggregation in liver failure: new therapeutic approach
by TLR4 regulation
2. TBA
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7. TBA
12:15‐13:00 Conference Hall(3+4) (160 persons)
Luncheon seminar
13:15‐15:45 Main Hall (523 persons)
L4: Homeostatic inflammation
1. Erina Kuranaga (RIKEN Kobe)
2. Kensuke Miyake (Tokyo Univ.)
Toll-like receptor logistics by Unc93B1
3. Eicke Latz (Univ. Bonn, Germany)
4. Michael J. Galko (University of Texas, USA)
5. TBA
【IEIIS2012】Homeostatic Inflammation Symposiun
13:15‐15:45 Conference Hall(3+4) (160 persons)
Japanese Endotoxin Society Meeting
C2:Endotoxin: basic
1. TBA
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6. TBA
7. TBA
Coffee break
16:00‐17:30 Main Hall (523 persons)
Christian Raetz Memorial Session
1. Masahiro Nishijima (Showa Univ.)
2. Douglas Golenbock (Univ. Massachusetts, USA)
Awards Ceremony
17:30‐18:30 Conference Hall(1+2)
Poster session
【IEIIS2012】Homeostatic Inflammation Symposiun
Thursday, October 25th
9:30‐12:00 Main Hall (523 persons)
L5: Mitochondrion and other intracellular structures in Innate Immunity
1. J. Chen(Univ. Texas SW Med. Ctr., USA)
2. Michael Gale(Univ. Washington, USA)
3. Takashi Fujita (Kyoto Univ.)
Detection of cytoplasmic non-self RNA and activation of antiviral innate immunity
4. Osamu Takeuchi (Osaka Univ./Kyoto Univ)
5. Takumi Koshiba(Kyushu Univ.)
MAVS signaling and its inhibition
6. Sankar Ghosh (Columbia Univ., USA)
9:30‐12:00 Conference Hall(3+4) (160 persons)
C3: Chemistry of Innate Immunity
1. Ulrich Zähringer (Forschungszentrum Borstel)
Lipid A is the endotoxic principle of LPS - End of a long lasting dogma?
2. Jerrold Weiss (Department of Microbiology-The University of Iowa)
Mechanisms of non-additive effects of diverse agonists and antagonists on TLR4)
3. Koichi Fukase (Osaka Univ.)
Immunoactivation and immunomodulation using synthetic PRR ligands
4. Robert Munford (National Institutes of Health (NIH))
5. TBA
12:15‐13:00 Conference Hall(3+4) (160 persons)
Luncheon seminar
13:15‐15:15 Main Hall (523 persons)
L6: Inflammasome in health and diseases
1. Egil Lien (Univ. Massachusetts, USA)
2. Nobuhiko Kayagaki (Genentech, USA)
TLR signalling and mitochondrial RO
3. Thiru Kanneganti (St. Jude Children’s Hospital, USA)
4. TBA
5. TBA
【IEIIS2012】Homeostatic Inflammation Symposiun
13:15‐15:15 Conference Hall(3+4) (160 persons)
C4: Viral Infection
1. Stefanie Vogel (Univ. Maryland)
Role of TLR4 in influenza infection
2. Tsukasa Seya (Hokkaido Univ.)
Antitumor response evoked by a specific agonist for TLR3
3. Marco Colonna (Washington Univ., USA)
Plasmacytoid dendritic cells and other cellular sources of type I IFN in viral infections'
4. Andrew Bowie (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
Sensing and signalling by anti-viral pattern recognition receptors
5. Akinori Takaoka (Hokkaido Univ.)
Nucleic acid sensors for detecting viral infection
Coffee break
15:30‐18:00 Main Hall (523 persons)
L7: Pathogen sensing and signaling
1. J. Magarian Blander (The Mount Sinai Med. Ctr., USA)
Vita-PAMPs: Signatures of Microbial Viability
2. Luke O'Neill (Trinity College Dublin,Ireland)
Metabolic regulation in TLR4 and Nlrp3 signaling
3. Shoichiro Kurata (Tohoku Univ.)
A receptor guanylate cyclase mediates humoral and cellular responses in Drosophila immunity
4. Tatsushi Muta (Tohoku Univ.)
Regulation of Inflammatory Gene Expression by the Nuclear IκB Family Protein
5. TBA
15:30‐18:00 Conference Hall(3+4) (160 persons)
C5: Immunomodulation by endogenous and exogenous pathogenic molecules
1. R. Hancock(Inimex Pharma. Inc., Canada)
Selectively immunomodulatory IDR peptides as a new therapeutic strategy for infectious and
inflammatory diseases
2. F. Niyonsaba/I. Nagaoka (Juntendo Univ.)
Novel roles of host defense peptides in cutaneous biology
3. S. Kawabata (Kyushu Univ.)
Transglutaminase-catalyzed protein crosslinking suppresses innate immune signaling in the
【IEIIS2012】Homeostatic Inflammation Symposiun
Drosophila gut
4. Masatoshi Noda (Chiba Univ.)
Inhibitory effect of SubAB cytotoxin of enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli on LPS-induced nitric oxide production by macrophages
5. Yasuhiko Horiguchi (Osaka Univ.)
A functional difference in adenylate cyclase toxins produced by B. pertussis and B.
18:00‐19:00 Conference Hall(1+2)
Poster session
19:30 Jyosui Kaikan
【IEIIS2012】Homeostatic Inflammation Symposiun
Friday, October 26th
9:30‐12:00 Main Hall (523 persons)
L8: Metabolic Syndrome
1. Yoshihiro Ogawa (Tokyo Med. Dent. Sch.)
Adipose tissue remodeling as homeostatic inflammation
2. Anthony Ferrante (Columbia Univ., USA)
Obesity and adipose tissue inflammation
3. Vishwa Deep Dixit (Louisiana State Univ., USA)
Inflammasome and obesity-induced inflammation
4. Masataka Sata (Tokushima Univ.)
Inflammation in atherosclerosis and adipose tissue
5. Alan Daugherty (Univ. of Kentucky, USA)
Innate immunity and atherosclerosis
9:30‐12:00 Conference Hall(3+4) (160 persons)
C6:Endotoxin and Sepsis
1. Hiroko Tsutsui (Hyogo Med. College)
Contribution of IFNg/STAT1 signaling to T cell-mediated hepatitis through induction of hepatic
hypercoagulation status
2. Francesca Granucci (University of Milan, Italy)
3. Alan Cross (Univ of Maryland, USA)
4. Steven Opal (Brown University, USA)
5. TBA
6. TBA
12:15‐13:00 Conference Hall(3+4) (160 persons)
Luncheon seminar
13:00‐14:30 Conference Hall(3+4) (160 persons)
IEIIS meeting 13:00-13:45
Conference Hall(1+2)
Poster session
【IEIIS2012】Homeostatic Inflammation Symposiun
15:00‐17:30 Main Hall (523 persons)
L9: Mucosal Immunity
1. Bruno Lemaitre (Global Health Inst.Switz.)
The Drosophila gut: a new paradigm for epithelial immune response
2. Thaddeus Stappenbeck (Washington Univ.,USA)
Host-microbial interactions that produce intestinal inflammation
3. Hiroshi Kiyono (Univ. Tokyo)
Mucosal innate cells in gut homeostasis and inflammation
4. Kiyoshi Takeda
Regulation of gut homeostasis by innate immunity
5. Hiroshi Ohno
The role of M cells in intestinal immunity
15:00‐17:30 Conference Hall(3+4) (160 persons)
C7: Inflammation and Cancer
1. Yinon Ben-Neriah (Hebrew University,Israel.)
Inflammatory regulation of intestinal tumor progression
2. P. Angel (German Cancer Res. Ctr.,Germany)
S100 proteins and RAGE signaling in liver inflammation and cancer
3. Yoshihiro Maru (Tokyo Wom. Med. Sch.)
4 .Tatsushi Igaki (Kobe Univ.)
5. TBA
Closing Remarks

23 Oct - 26 Oct 2012

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