Bioengineering and Neuronal Remodelling

This one-day meeting will focus on advances in biomedicine aimed at repairing peripheral nerves and spinal cord. There will be eight high profile speakers and opportunities for early-career scientists to present their work - as a poster presentation from which one will be selected for oral presentation. The convenor of the meeting will be Professor Giorgio Terenghi (Professor of Tissue Regeneration at the University of Manchester).
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09:00-09:50 Registration and refreshments
09:50-10.00 Introduction from Professor Giorgio Terenghi

Chairman for morning session - Professor Giorgio Terenghi

10.00-10.40 Lev Novikov - Cell therapy for spinal cord repair
10.40-11.20 Elizabeth Bradbury - Targeting the glial scar to promote repair following spinal cord injury
11.20-12.00 Matt Dalby - Nanoscale topography for stem cell growth and differentiation
12.00-12.15 Student 1 - Poster Presentation Winner
12.15-12.30 Stefan Przyborski - Reinnervate

12.30-14.00 Lunch break and poster session/ exhibition

Chairman for afternoon session - Professor Valerio Magnaghi

14.00-14.40 Kristjan Jessen - Why do peripheral nerves regenerate?
14.40-15.20 Lars Dahlin - The nerve response to injury and limitations of surgical repair
15.20-16.00 John Haycock - Microgeometry and guidance channels for nerve regeneration
16.00-16.40 Alexandra Stolzing - Stem cell senescence and ageing
16.40-17.20 Adam Reid - Apoptosis and neuroprotection following nerve injury
17.20-19.00 Conclusion followed by wine reception

5 Jul - 5 Jul 2012

United Kingdom
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