Development of Cancer Medicines

Preclinical in vivo models to interrogate cancer biology, biomarkers and therapeutic response.

What are the latest advances in preclinical in vivo modelling?

How can models be used to reveal cancer targets, develop clinically translatable biomarkers or assess therapeutic response meaningfully?

The main purpose of this event is to bring together experts in the field of modelling cancer biology in vivo, to hear about and discuss recent advances in the use of such models to inform target identification, therapeutic testing and biomarker development.

In covering basic and translational science, the meeting will be of wide interest to preclinical scientists and clinicians, from academia or industry. This interactive day will provide a unique opportunity to share experiences and perspectives, through a series of invited talks, a poster session, short poster-discussion presentations and a round-table debate.
+ show speakers and program
10.10 Johannes Zuber (Research Inst. Of Mol. Path, Vienna) – Combining mouse models and advanced in vivo RNAi to identify therapeutic targets in cancer
10.45 Matt Smalley (European Cancer Stem Cell Research Inst, Cardiff) – Modelling breast cancer in mice
11.20 Kevin Brindle (CRUK Cambridge Research Inst.) – Development of novel imaging methods to detect treatment response using mouse models of cancer.
11.55 - 13.15 (Poster viewing and Lunch)
Session 2 Poster Discussion session
Chair: Owen Sansom (Beatson Research Centre, Glasgow)
6 x 5 slide presentations of 10 min slides with 5 min discussion

14.45 -15.15 Refreshment break
Session 3
Chair: Steve Wedge
15.15 Thorsten Hagemann (Inst. Of Cancer Queen Mary, Univ. of London) – Modelling cancer-related inflammation – a therapeutic target?
15.50 Manuel Hildago (CNIO, Madrid, Spain) – Use of preclinical explant models to inform on patient outcome to therapeutics
16.25 Hing Leung (Beatson Research Institute, Glasgow) – Modelling therapeutic responses in models of prostate cancer
17.00 Round Table Discussion (led by Steve Wedge): Advances and remaining challenges i translating from mouse to man

29 Nov - 29 Nov 2012

United Kingdom
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