TRAINING THE INNATE IMMUNITY: immunological memory in innate host defense.

The topic will be centered around the novel research field concerning the memory traits in innate host defense. The meeting will cover important areas related to the subject, from the evolution of innate immune responses to innate immunity in plants and insects, from the novel insights regarding pattern recognition receptors to memory traits of NK-cell and macrophages, and to mechanisms of epigenetic reprogramming in innate immunity.
Top experts in the field are brought together to present their latest findings to an international audience and young investigators are invited to join the Masterclass and poster session. A prize for Best Presentation at the Masterclass and a price for Best Poster will be presented to young scientists by Nature Immunology, Immunity, Nature Communications and Asics.

+ show speakers and program
Day 1: Thursday June 28th
7.30-11.00 Registration and coffee/tee

8.00 Pre-conference session of selected abstracts from young researchers

Chair: Mihai Netea
8.00 Priming and antagonism of cytokine production in macrophage response to sequential TLR stimulation. Tan Suet Ting Rebecca
8.20 Epstein-Barr virus protein BGLF5 contributes to innate immune evasion by downregulating Toll-like receptor 9. Michiel van Gent
8.40 Bacteria-independent anti-Plasmodium immune defense activation.
Benjamin J. Blumberg

9.00 Cholera toxin subunit B studied beyond its adjuvant activity.
Marien I. de Jonge

9.20 Innate imprinting of resident alveolar macrophages by a preceding allergic bronchial inflammation causes a switch from hypo- to hyperinflammatory reactivity. Thomas Naessens
9.40 Does neonatal vitamin A prime the innate immune response?
Christine Stabell Benn

10.00 Candida albicans induces monocyte training via epigenetic reprogramming through a dectin 1-dependent pathway. Jessica Quintin
10.20 A second recombinatorial immune receptor in monocytes/macrophages is based on the TCRγδ. Tina Fuchs

11.00 Opening of the symposium

11.00 Welcome and Introduction Jos van der Meer

Evolution Chair: Jos van der Meer
11.10 The evolution of innate and adaptive immunity Max Cooper
11.40 The ontogeny of the immune system Ofer Levy

12.10 Lunch
Invertebrate immunity Chair: Jos van der Meer
13.00 Systemic acquired resistance (SAR) in plants Harold vd Burg
13.30 Molecular aspects of priming in plant SAR Uwe Conrath
14.00 Innate immunity of insects Bruno Lemaitre

14.30 Break
Innate immune memory in invertebrates Chair: Max Cooper
14.55 Primed immune responses in Drosophila David Schneider
15.25 Innate immune memory in Anopheles Carolina Barillas-M
15.55 Memory within invertebrate innate immunity Joachim Kurtz
16.25 Break

Recognition in mammalian innate immunity Chair: Mihai Netea
16.45 Bacterial recognition through TLRs Tom vd Poll
17.15 C-type lectins as pattern recognition receptors Gosse Adema

19.00 Congress dinner 
Day 2: Friday June 29th

Novel aspects of innate immune response Chair: Mihai Netea
8.45 Modulation of the innate responses to LPS Liwu Li
9.15 Extralymphocytic flexible immune recognition Wolfgang Kaminski
9.45 Novel LRRs in innate immunity Ramnik Xavier

10.15 Break
Memory of mammalian innate immunity: NK cells Chair: Ramnik Xavier
10.45 Adaptive features of NK cells Eric Vivier
11.15 NK-cell-mediated memory to viruses Lewis Lanier
11.45 CXCR6 in NK-mediated memory Ulrich von Andrian

12.15 Lunch and posters
Memory of mammalian innate immunity: Mo/Mf Chair: Ofer Levy
13.15 The “adaptive” form of innate immunity Alberto Mantovani
13.45 Monocyte reprogramming during infection Mihai Netea
14.15 Innate immune pathways during vaccination Bali Pulendran
14.45 Imprinting of the lung immunity Tracy Hussell

15.15 Break
Reprogramming innate immunity during infection Chair: A Mantovani
15.45 Non-specific effects of vaccines Peter Aaby
16.15 Immunoparalysis through epigenetic changes Steven Kunkel
16.45 Altering pathogenic viral outcomes with
innate immune memory David Kelvin
17.15 Epigenetic control of inflammation Gioacchino Natoli

17.45 Conclusions, Awards and Farewell A. Mantovani, J. van der Meer, M. Netea

28 Jun - 29 Jun 2012

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