Molecular & Cellular Biology of the Soybean Conference

Soybean is one of the world's staple foods and it is the second most cultivated crop in the Unites States. The 14th Biennial Molecular and Cellular Biology of the Soybean Conference, to be held August 12-15, 2012 in Des Moines (IA), will present recent advances in the basic understanding of this crop at the sub-organismal level, and will highlight cutting-edge technologies in soybean genomics. The recent release of the soybean genome sequence and related genomics tools will help improve the understanding of complex genetic traits important for soybean improvement. This meeting attracts a wide range of soybean researchers including molecular geneticists, breeders, physiologists, and pathologists. Funding is available to provide travel grants to broaden participation of students and postdoctoral associates with specific emphasis on women and underrepresented groups.
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14th Biennial Conference on the Molecular and CellularBiology of the Soybean

Sheraton West Des Moines
15:00 - 18:30
Registration - Set up Posters
Randy Shoemaker, USDA-ARS and Iowa State University, Ames, IA
Opening Plenary Address
Carroll Vance, USDA-ARS and University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN
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7:00 - 10:00
Registration Opens
Breakfast (continental)
2nd Plenary Address
Jeff J. Doyle, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Morning Session I: Pests and Diseases
Session Chairs: Leah McHale and Melissa Mitchum
Gustavo McIntosh - Iowa State University
"Soybean aphid suppression of plant defenses: Mechanisms and effects on other plant-pest interactions"
Feng Qu - Ohio State University
"Engineering RNA1-based resistance to viruses, insects, and other pathogens"
Melissa Mitchum- University of Missouri
"Molecular underpinnings of incompatible SCN-soybean interactions"
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Morning Session II: Pests and Diseases
Session Chairs: Leah McHale and Melissa Mitchum
Andrew Bent - University of Wisconsin
"SCN resistance determinants at the Rhg1 locus"
Yuan Chao Wang - Nanjing Agricultural University
"The facility of bioinformatics and discovery of new Avr effectors of Phytophthora sojae"
Madan Bhattacharyya - Iowa State University
"Genetic analyses suggest that the FvTox1 toxin produced by Fusarium virguliforme is involved in foliar SDS development in soybean"
11:45 selected student
Lunch (sponsored by XXXXXXXXX)

Afternoon Session III: Translational Genomics (* = Presenter)
Session Chairs: Glenn Bowers, David Hyten and James Specht
Kristin Bilyeu - USDA-ARS, Columbia, MO
"Applying technology to help resolve real-world issues: The case of developing low phytate/high available phosphate soybeans"
Wayne Parrot - University of Georgia
"Debugging Soybean"

Brian Diers - University of Illinois
"Fine mapping Rag1 and Rag2 and the evaluation of new aphid resistance sources"

14:30 Tom Clemente - University of Nebraska
"A single transgene to combat three viruses: soybean breeders getting a little help from their friends"
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Afternoon Session IV: Translational Genomics (* = Presenter)
Session Chairs: Glenn Bowers, David Hyten and James Specht
*TBD - (Open slot requested by Shoemaker for last minute program balance)
Knut Meyer - DuPont
"Dissecting control of carbon partitioning in developing seeds by enhancer tagging: Characterization of Arabidopsis mutants and translational work in soybeans"
James Specht - University of Nebraska
"Soybean Yield Potential and Genome Re-Sequencing: Stepping into the Final Frontier! (A last hurrah perspective from an old-timer)"
16:30 selected student (selection based on submitted abstracts)
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Continental Breakfast

Morning Session V: Abiotic Stress
Session Chairs: Jamie O'Rourke and Yung-Tsi Bolon
Jamie O'Rourke - USDA-ARS, University of Minnesota
"Investigating nitrogen deficiency in common bean"
Jessica Schlueter - University of North Carolina - Charlotte
"Transcription analysis of ozone-response in susceptible and tolerant soybean lines"
08:55 Michelle Graham - USDA-ARS, Iowa State University
"DNA replication and the iron deficiency response in soybean"
09:15 Henry Nguyen - University of Missouri
"Exploitation of root system architecture for improving drought tolerance"
09:35 selected student
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Morning Session VI: Composition/Nutrition
Session Chairs: Kristin Bilyeu and Tom Clemente
John Browse - Washington State University
"Making the best soybean oil that we can"

10:50 Tim Durrett - Kansas State University
"Using a novel acyltransferase to alter the structure of plant triglycerides for targeted applications"
Doug Allen -Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

11:30 Tony Kinney - DuPont
"Commercialization of high oleic soybeans"
11:50 selected student
12:05 Lunch (sponsored by XXXXXX)

Afternoon Session VII: Functional Genomics
Session Chairs: Gustavo Macintosh and Steve Whitham
13:30 Marc Libault - University of Oklahoma
"Functional characterization of soybean transcription factors using comparative and genomic approaches"
13:50 Nathan Hancock, - University of South Carolina - Aiken
"max Mutation: mPing-based gene discovery"
14:10 Yung-Tsi Bolon - USDA-ARS, University of Minnesota
"How resilient is the soybean genome? Insights from fast neutron mutagenesis"
14:30 Steve Whitham - Iowa State University
"Discovery of gene networks regulating soybean defenses using virus-induced gene silencing"
14:50 selected student
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Afternoon Session VIII: Biotic Interactions
Session Chairs: Janine Sherrier and Gary Stacey

15:45 Janine Sherrier - University of Delaware
"Small RNAs as regulators of nodulation"td>
16:05 Gary Stacey -University of Missouri
"Soybean root hairs: a single cell model for systems biology"
16:25 Russ Carlson - University of Georgia
"Glycoprofiling of the soybean root hair cell wall"
16:45 Poster Session
Transportation to the Iowa Historical Building

18:00 Reception with hors d'veouvres and cash bar
Self tour of the Iowa Historical Museum
19:30 Banquet at Iowa Historical Building - sponsored by the United Soybean Board and the North Central Soybean Research Program
21:30 Announcements
22:00 Transportation to Sheraton Hotel


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Morning Session IX: Genome Structure and Evolution
Session Chairs: Jessica Schlueter, Bob Stupar and Steven Cannon

08:15 Stewart Smith - Novozymes Inc.
"Basic and applied understanding of signal molecules from rhizobia (Lipo-chitooligosaccharides) contributes to better crop roduction"
08:35 Hongyan Zhu - University of Kentucky
08:55 Student, to be determined

Morning Session X: Genome Structure and Evolution
Session Chairs: Jessica Schlueter, Bob Stupar and Steven Cannon

09:15 Suk-Ha Lee - Seoul National University
"Genome divergence in Glycine max and soja"
Qijian Song - USDA-ARS, University of Maryland
"Structure of high-resolution haplotype blocks in the soybean genome"

selected student

10:00 Break - refreshments provided View Posters
10:40 Jungmin Ha - University of Georgia
"Genome structure variation in Glycine species"
11:00 Ashley Egan - East Carolina University
"Evolution of a complex disease resistance gene cluster in soybeans and relatives"
11:20 Jianxin Ma - Purdue University
"Population resequencing reveals evolutionary propensities of the soybean genome"
11:40 Robert Stupar - University of Minnesota
"Exploring structural variation in the soybean genome"
12:00 Concluding Remarks
Randy Shoemaker and Robert Stupar
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12 Aug - 15 Aug 2012
Des Moines
United States of America
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