EMBO practical course: Electron Tomography in Life Science

lectron Kevin Knoops DMV tomography is a 3D-imaging technique with a resolution range bridging the gap between optical imaging and single particles 3DEM techniques.

This six-day course, 18-23 June 2012, will be given at the Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands and will cover the major aspects of:

theoretical aspects
specimen preparation
data acquisition
alignment and reconstruction
tomogram visualization
sub-tomogram averaging

We invite PhD students and post-doctoral fellows with a life science background interested in 3D imaging of biological specimens, such as tissue, cells, organelles and macromolecular complexes to participate in the course.
+ show speakers and program
Ariana Briegel (Caltech, Pasadena, US)
Lucy Collinson (Cancer Research, London, UK)
José Jesús Fernández (CNB, Madrid, Spain)
Friedrich Förster (MPI, Martinsried, Germany)
Mary Morphew (University of Colorado, US)
Bram Koster (LUMC, Leiden, The Netherlands)
Kevin Knoops (EMBL, Grenoble, France)
Jürgen Plitzko (MPI, Martinsried, Germany)
Alexander Rigort (MPI, Martinsried, Germany)
Sara Sandin (MRC, Cambridge, UK)
Sjors Scheres (MRC, Cambridge, UK)
Remco Schoenmakers (FEI, Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
Cindi Schwartz (University of Colorado, US)
Gijs van Duinen (FEI, Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
Marin van Heel (Imperial College, London, UK)
Paul Verkade (University of Bristol, Bristol, UK)
Shawn Zheng (UCSF, San Fransico, US)

18 Jun - 23 Jun 2012

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