This workshop will gather academic and industrial researchers devoted to the study of blood barriers and their transposition. The workshop will be the ideal forum for participants to share experiences and discuss their data. The program consists of both senior and young researchers.

The workshop in a glimpse:

- Scope: Biomedical and pharmacological studies on blood-brain, blood-cerebrospinal and blood-retinal barriers.

- Venue: Lisbon, Portugal (School of Medicine, Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Lisbon).

- Symposia:
1) The structure and function of the Blood-Brain Barrier,
2) The Blood-Cerebrospinal Barrier,
3) The Blood-Retinal Barrier, and
4) Beating the Blood-Brain Barrier in drug development,

+ show speakers and program
Key note speakers:
Britta Engelhardt (Switzerland) - "Title to be defined"
Joan Abbott (UK) - "The blood-brain barrier and the Neurovascular Unit: drug targets and routes of delivery"

Invited and topical speakers:
Tetsuya Terasaki (Japan) - "Quantitative targeted Absolute Proteomics (QTAP): The impact on the research of Blood-brain barrier structure and function"
Maria Deli (Hungary) - "In vitro models in BBB research and drug delivery to brain"
Alexandra Brito (Portugal) - "Title to be defined"
Norman Saunders (Australia) - "Mechanisms of transport across the choroid plexus in the developing brain"
Hartwig Wolburg (Germany) - "The contribution of morphology to blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier research"
Joana Palha (Portugal) - "Title to be defined"
Katarzina Dziegielewska (Australia) - "Title to be defined"
David Antonetti (USA) - "Title to be defined"
Patric Turowski (UK) - "Functional apical-basal polarity of the retinal microvascular endothelium compartmentalises the vasoactive response"
Francisco Ambrósio (Portugal) - "Title to be defined"
Rui Bernardes (Portugal) - "Title to be defined"
Ernst Giralt (Spain) - "Peptides as BBB translocators"
Elizabeth de Lange (The Netherlands) - "The role of blood-brain barriers in pharmacokinetics-pharmacodynamic relationships of CNS drugs"
Isaura Tavares (Portugal) - "Targeting the analgesic drug Kyotorphin to the Brain"

6 Feb - 8 Feb 2013
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