workshop cryomethods, ultramicrotomy and immunolabeling

his workshop on Cryomethods, Ultracryotomy and Immunolabeling will be organized in our laboratory from June 27 till July 6, 2012 (including the weekend) in collaboration with Leica Microsystems, Vienna.

The 10 days program starts with a 2 day optional part for participants (maximum 8) who have no experience with conventional EM techniques and will deal with the preparation of semi and ultrathin sections of resin embedded material. The actual cryo-workshop will be given for 16 students (maximum). It starts with an introduction to cryo-techniques on the 3rd course day. Lectures by experts in the field will be given about high pressure freezing, freeze substitution and the Tokuyasu cryosectioning technique. Training in ultracryotomy and immunolabeling will be the major issue. Under guidance of the skilled staff of the Utrecht Cell Microscopy Center, the complete cryo-immunogold method for immunolabeling of Tokuyasu cryosections, including the latest modifications introduced in Utrecht, will be practiced on days 4 till 10. The fine details of the technique are practiced hands-on in the lab, where most of time will be spent. Biological samples and immuno-reagents will be available, but students can also bring their own specimens, diamond knives and antibodies for sectioning and labeling during one of the later days.
+ show speakers and program
George posthuma, Cell Microscopy Center, University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands
Daniel Studer, M.E. Mueller Iinst. if Biomechanics, Univ. Bern, Switzerland
Matthia Karreman, Mol. Biophysics and biomolecular Imaging, Utrecht university, the Netherlands
Viola Oorschot, Cell Microscopy Center, University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands
Jan de Weert Leica Netherlands
Helmut Bnaegi, Diatome, Switzerland

26 Jun - 6 Jul 2012
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