VI International Conference on Legume Genetics and Genomics

Legumes play important role in the quality of life on human kind and form a major crop for human food, animal feed and forage. Legumes can be synthesized to medicinal and nutriceutical compounds and antioxidants and can be used for soil improvement. Legumes have been part of agricultural production in several continents for thousands of years. Most legumes possess seeds rich in protein, oils and starches. Legumes have the potential to play an increasing role in alleviating these threats owing to their ability to produce, with minimal environmental damage and external energy input in the form of nitrogenous and phosphorous fertilizers.
The VI ICLGG is an continuous effort of its mission to bring together scientists working on research aspects of legume biology in model species, using genetic and genomic tools, with those working on applied aspects and breeding of crop and pasture species. The meeting will focus on fundamental discoveries that extent our understanding of the unique traits of legumes and review the tools and resources and approaches including technological advances to study legume genome(s).

Hyderabad, the 400-year old city of Andhra Pradesh state of India, is known for its rich history and culture with monuments, mosques, temples, and a rich and varied heritage in arts, crafts and dance. From its topography dotted with rocks and boulders to landscaped gardens, from the quaint Charminar to towering global giants, from the colourful bangles of the city to multitude of international designers and from the delectable haleem and biryani to cuisines from all over the world, the international legume community will find the historical and the contemporary, side by side.

The meeting will have lead and invited presentations from the leading authorities in legumes research, contributory presentations from the selected abstracts and dedicated poster sessions. In addition, some workshops on topical subjects will be organized on October 2, 2012.

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Featured Speakers
David Bertioli, Catholic University, Brazil
Doug Cook, UC-Davis, USA
Martin Crespi, ISV-CNRS, France
Claire Domoney , JIC, UK
Jeff Doyle, Cornell University, USA
Peter Gresshoff , Queensland Uni., Australia
Valérie Geffroy, IBP, INRA, France
CLL Gowda, ICRISAT, India
Georgina Hernandez, UNAM, Mexico
T J Higgins, CSIRO, Australia
Sachiko Isobe, KDRI, Japan
Scott Jackson, University of Georgia, USA
Günter Kahl, Frankfurt University, Germany
Attila Kereszt , Hungarian Acad. Sci, Hungary
Suk-Ha Lee, Seoul National University, Korea
Da Luo, Sun Yat-sen University, China
Greg May, NCGR, USA
Henry Nguyen, Missouri University, USA
N Nadarajan, IIPR, India
Giles Oldroyd, JIC, UK
Jean-Marcel Ribaut, GCP, Mexico
Jens Stougaard , Aarhus University, Denmark
Karam Singh, CSIRO/UWA, Australia
Richard Thompson, INRA-Dijon, France
AM Torress, IFAPA, Spain
Michael Udvardi, Noble Foundation, USA
Carroll Vance, University of Minnesota, USA
Bert Vandenberg, University of Saskatchewan,
... and many more

2 Oct - 7 Oct 2012
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