11th International Symposium on Double-Stranded RNA Viruses

On behalf of the organizers, we are pleased to invite you to the 11th International Symposium on Double-Stranded RNA Viruses, to be held from November 27 - December 1, 2012, at the Caribe Hilton Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The Symposium has a rich history as the primary meeting of scientists throughout the world engaged in the study of dsRNA viruses. This tradition continues with the San Juan meeting, emphasizing the similarity and diversity of dsRNA viruses and their importance as pathogens of plants, animals, and man. The program includes seven workshops: (1) Virus Structure and Assembly, (2) Viral Diversity and Epidemiology, (3) Virus-Cell Interactions, (4) Immunity and Pathogenesis, (5) Protein Structure and Function, (6) Replication and Reverse Genetics, and (7) Vaccines and Biotherapies. Each workshop will include two plenary (30 min) presentations and six short (15 min) presentations, the latter selected from submitted abstracts. Unique to this meeting, we have also scheduled a satellite session that focuses on the Successes and Challenges of Rotavirus Vaccine Program.

Because Puerto Rico is a US territory, traveling to Puerto Rico for US citizens is easy, requiring only a driver's license and without the need to exchange currency. For those coming from other countries, travel to the meeting will have the same requirements as entering the US. The hotel is but a short trip (~ 15 min by taxi) from the airport.

We invite you to participate in this conference and to submit abstracts of your research for presentation in either workshop or poster sessions. Students and postdocs are especially encouraged to apply for travel awards that will help them defray the cost of attending the conference. Remember that abstracts are due August 1 and that early registration ends on October 1.

We look forward to a very successful conference and to meeting you in San Juan!

+ show speakers and program
A group of internationally recognized scientists have accepted invitations to speak at the meeting, beginning with Terry Dermody (Vanderbilt Univ), who will give an opening-night Keynote Presentation on neural targeting by reovirus. The lineup of Plenary Speakers includes Jose Castón (Nat Ctr of Biotechnology, Spain), Max Ciarlet (Novartis), Roy Duncan (Dalhouise Univ), Harry Greenberg (Stanford Univ), Steve Harrison (Harvard Univ), Patrick Lee (Dalhouise Univ), Susana López (National Autonomous Univ de Mexico), Jelle Matthinssens (Univ of Leuven, Begium), Peter Mertens (Inst for Animal Health, United Kingdom), Toshihiro Omura (National Agriculture Res Ctr, Japan), Polly Roy (London Sch of Hyg & Trop Med), Barbara Sherry (NC State Univ), Ken Tyler (Colorado Univ), and Hong Zhou (Univ of California).

27 Nov - 1 Dec 2012

San Juan
Puerto Rico
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