NIF (Network of Immunology Frontier) Winter School on Advanced Immunology 2013

The NIF (Network of Immunology Frontier) Winter School is being jointly organized by SIgN and IFReC to provide a new educational and networking venue for young immunologists. It is alternating annually between Japan and Singapore. The first NIF School was held in January 2012 on Awaji Island (Japan); the upcoming School will take place next January in Singapore.

The NIF (SIgN-IFReC) Winter School on Advanced Immunology has been created in 2011 by members of IFReC and SIgN Research Centres. The aim is to provide an opportunitiy for 50 selected international PhD students and young postdocs to meet with a Faculty of 19 world-class experts and explore networking and learning in Asia.

The five-days intensive program will be held in Singapore. There will be lectures from leading immunologists on a wide range of topics and the format of the school will facilitate exchange of ideas and establishment of networking opportunities for all participants.

We welcome students from all disciplines to participate in the program. The selection process is highly competitive and we expect students to be highly motivated to actively participate to all the School activities during the five-days intensive programme.

+ show speakers and program
Abul Abbas
Adrian Hayday
Andreas Strasser
Atsushi Kumanogoh
Bernard Malissen
Fiona Powrie
Gennaro De Libero
John Connolly
Juan Lafaille
Lai Guan Ng
Lucia Mori
Miriam Merad
Olivera J. Finn
Shimon Sakaguchi
Shizuo Akira
Tomohiro Kurosaki
Vijay Kuchroo
Wayne Yokoyama
Xuetao Cao

20 Jan - 25 Jan 2013

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