Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

This short course aims at training the participant in the basic principles and applications of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and real-time PCR. The program consists of a series lectures and experiments covering all basic PCR topics like efficiency, fidelity and specificity of the PCR reaction.
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This course is developed as an introduction to the PCR and especiall suitable as a basic introduction to our advanced course on Real-time PCR in molecular diagnostics (2548). Basic knowledge of molecular biology in general is desirable.

Course content:


Principles of DNA amplification technologies; The biochemical and physical aspects of the PCR
Principles, parameters, and design of (real-time) PCR primers
Principles and parameters of detection of PCR products
Principles of Real-time PCR; detection formats, assay formats
PCR contamination prevention

Real-time PCR dilution series and melting curve analysis:
Optimization and determination of the sensitivity of real-time PCR with SybrGreen
Optimization and determination of the sensitivity of real-time PCR with Hybridisation probes

Course staff:

Course Leader:
Dr. Martie C.M. Verschuren, Avans Hogeschool, Research group Analysis Techniques in Life Science, Breda, NL


All participants will receive a certificate of attendance. This course is awarded with 12 UEC
(eurocredits for the european professional dossier), which will be mentioned on the course certificate.

This course can be combined with the advanced course on Real-Time PCR in molecular Diagnostics.

23 Oct - 23 Oct 2012

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